Slowing Down...Maybe

This has been a busy week, but it is getting a little better in as much, I am done with the chicken house, and my son’s deck.

 Just a few touch ups to make, and then it’s time to get the chickens, if only I knew what kind to get.

 Next week will also be a little busy and we even have a surgery scheduled for one of our dogs that just came up a few days ago. I am like a few of my dog friends and over think things and always think the worst, but I do worry about the dogs and their health and such. Let’s just hope for the best, hopefully I will know something soon. We have been lucky with the dogs and not had many problems except for Meg. She ran into a steel fence and impaled herself a year or so ago and could not get off, and she laid on the ground with the steel rod in her chest until I could help her. The bad part, I was right there to see the whole thing and I knew it was bad. Of course, it was 4:30 pm and the Vet closes at 5 pm and its 45 minutes away. I did call and said I was bringing her in and it was an emergence, and they waited for me. After all the prodding and fixing up, she was good to go home. I thought she took her last breath on the way in, when she gasp and her head fell to the seat, I thought it was her last, but it wasn’t. That’s a horrible feeling and one that you’ll not get over soon.
My heart breaks when my dogs or a guest dog gets hurt or tear up their pads running and trying to keep up with the farm dogs. The thing is, they always put their heart into whatever they do, it’s just in their spirit, something you’re not going to change…but some people try and that’s where the problems start, as we all know border collies are their own breed and think their own way.
As we slow down from the summer season, we can take a break and enjoy things getting back to normal, if there is such a thing. You might call it organized chaos but in a good way and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Everyone but Annie, she's chasing the cats
I have been in a funk since I talked to my Vet friend and scheduled the surgery. It’s just hard to accept what the worst outcome could be, something I don’t want to think about, but it’s always there floating in and out of my thoughts. I hate to wait, but I must. Good luck girl, my trust is spiritual. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we’ll be traveling to a Vet in another state for the surgery. Sorry for the downer post, but this morning, my heart is just not into happy thoughts.   Ken