There’s No Place Like Home

“Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there’s no place like home.” ~ L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

This has been a very busy week for me, I have been driving back & forth to Louisville to finish up a construction project that has been pending for a while for my son. I usually leave the house about 4:30 am and leave Louisville anywhere from 4 to 7 pm and some nights I even stay the night. It had taken a toll on me because it has hovered around 100 degrees and we worked in the direct sun. My hands would cramp up driving back and I even lost a tire on the way back home, again. Whew….It was sure hot.
As worn out as I was and down trodden as I felt, I always felt a little better the closer I got to home. I knew what was coming and with great joy, I always experienced it. When I turned onto our gravel road, I knew I was almost there and as I turned into our drive, I also knew, because I have seen it many times before, what was going to happen, and here it came…

Six very happy border collies running to greet me, the only way they know. Most people are concerned when they drive in the driveway, but I know just what they are going to do. They were meeting me because they know the sound of the motor and they were excited to see dad again and I knew I was now “Home”.

Home is the place your heart resides
Home is the place that you decide
Home is the womb that holds the soul
Home is the place where one is whole

Home is the glow you hold in your eye
Home is the emotion that makes you cry
Home is safe and a place of peace
Home is where all strivings cease
By Aisha Patterson

As I parked my truck, I knew what was coming so I prepared for it. Of course Dutchess jumped in the truck as I opened the door, but with me it’s different than most people. She’s not looking for food, she’s looking for me. She will sit in my lap and lick my face and it doesn’t matter if it’s sweaty or not, she will give me a good licking from head to toe. As I get out, they all want their turn so last night I just sit on the back step and let then love me the only way they know and I will tell you, it lifted my spirits and it was almost as good as a shower.

As I sat, Molly was in-between my legs with her front legs on my legs licking me on my face, Abbie and Meg was on my back licking my neck, Clancy had his head under my arm wanting me to pat his head, which I did. Annie was standing back because she was the smallest and knew better to get in with the big dogs. When I saw her patiently waiting, I called her over and she jumped in my lap. All the other dogs knew it was OK because I called her over. Everyone got their turn, I saw to it, because it’s only fair. By this time Dutchess was standing in front of me with a ball in her mouth because, to her, it’s time to move on, let’s play.

This is what I enjoy about my dogs, in my heart, I think they really love me and I also think I get this greeting because I love them back. They are consumed with me, and at time, I with them. We give each other what we need and it’s always returned.

As things settle down and after I took my shower, I looked around and saw all the things I have to be grateful for, a wife that loves me, a home filled with memories and six noses and wagging tails on the back porch staring in the back door. “All right, let’s go” as I open the back door, everyone heads down to the TV room to jump on the couch with me in the middle.

They always say “Home is where your Heart is”, but if I may… It’s also where your dog is….Just click your heals together and know to yourself, there's no place like home, if it's with your best friend.

It’s good to be home…Ken