Misfit Dogs, “It Just Didn’t Work Out”

As I was sitting on the couch this Saturday, I had Tess in my lap, Abbie was under my arm and Dutchess curled up around at my feet. All of us were sound asleep watching the news. It came to me that I am encircled with a bunch of misfit dogs. Tess was re-homed three times, Abbie three times and even Dutchess twice. Sometimes it was beyond circumstances and sometimes, “it just didn’t work out”. I think back to the dogs that we have re-homed and there are a total of seven, with three of them lying within two feet of me. Of all of the dogs that have found new forever homes, only one has never reconnected with us and I hope and pray he is OK. 
Bodie (Tucker), Gem, Ernie and even my Abbie and Dutchess were misfits at one time.

Probably the most discussed and talked about has been my Bodie. He was re-homed 5 times and at one time, one of his owner’s spoke of putting him down if I didn’t want to come and pick him up, he “just didn’t work out”. The next day and 9 hours of driving later, I took Bodie from a small cage in a yard in the pouring rain. He jumped up and put his paws around me and I cried like a child as I said to him “Let’s go home”. Back in the car we went, the mud didn’t matter, we were going home, again, chasing the windshield wipers all along the way. Tucker is now with the perfect couple. He is living with his sister Errin and they are happy as ever. He went with someone who understood and said “He just needs a job” and he has several. He is involved in obedience and agility and from what I am told, doing very well. They even bought a large swimming pool so Errin and Tucker can take a swim when they want. I miss him so…
Gem was a little girl that first went home with a very busy couple who could not devote the time she needed and she “just didn’t work out”. Gem came back home and as fate would happen; I got a call from someone looking for a dog but not a puppy. They wanted a dog for their daughter in 4-H doing obedience and agility, which Gem now does. I have kept up with Gen and Elaine and I went to watch her perform some time ago. We were like grandparents in the stands and took lots of photos. Gem and her young owner preformed in the county fair and also in the State Fair. We are so proud of both of them.
Shadow, now Ernest Dexter or “Ernie” for short, went to his new home on August 28, 2009. After first leaving us, he went to live on a large 100 acre farm with his brother. This was the perfect set up, two boys around 12 years old and lots of room to run. Shadow came back to us because he was never given a job, in-fact he was just turned loose to run, which he did and was nearly killed by the neighbor who got tired of chasing the dogs off his cattle farm. In desperation, I got the call, “it’s just not working out”. Ernie (Shadow) is now working out. He lives in Indianapolis and has a mom and dad who love him very much and spoil him too. He has the one thing now he needed most, someone to correct him. Dogs never need to be in charge… I have never heard from his brother who left us the 1st of September 2009.
My Abbie was re-homes 3 times because “it just didn’t work out. The last time she came back, and after evaluating her, we enjoyed her so much, and we just kept her because we could not find a problem and she was so sweet.  Even my beloved Dutchess was re-homed for the same reason… “didn’t work out”…
So, here I am sitting in my recliner with three dogs that you would think were Satan’s right hand followers. Tess in my lap, Abbie next to me with her head on my leg and Dutchess with her head on my foot, all asleep. I have said it a thousand times, whatever you put in, you’ll get out. Nothing more, nothing less.  

Dutchess and Abbie are the light of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my dogs equal, but I can’t help feeling a little closer to them because their life could have been very short or at best, lived a life of misery and in my minds furthest corner, I can’t imagine not having them, or God forbid, one of them going to a shelter or put down. At times, we are all misfits, aren't we, and things can be difficult and usually are.  I’m glad someone took a chance with our misfit dogs and now they live a life of happiness.

If people were put down like dogs, because of their behavior, this would be a lonely place to live. There are dog lovers and dog owners. Maybe some of the dog owners shouldn’t have dogs… Ken