Can It Get Any Hotter?

Several years ago, we went through a heat spell here in Indiana and had some pretty dry weather and heat.  I remember talking to people and we always referred to that time  “you remember several years ago when it didn’t rain for at least 2 months” and everybody would shake their head and nod and say “yup, that was really bad.” Well let me tell you, we haven’t had rain since “before I planted my garden in May”. The sad part, it’s been over 100 degrees for nearly a week.
If I had solar panels, I could sell the electricity back to the co-op and be a rich man. I’ve even reexamined by spiritual beliefs because if this is a sample of the heat, I don’t want anything to do with the REAL hot place.

This brings up a point, what do you do with a dog when it’s get this hot, especially a dog that is mostly black and absorbs the heat?  I thought I had the perfect solution with having two lakes, but yesterday, after the dogs got in only once, I decided to get in and enjoy myself if they weren’t.  Well again, dogs are smarter than the owner, the water was too hot to enjoy, and it really was. Still, the point is, what to do?

Some health experts say;

• Give an ice treat to keep your dog cool.

• When the temperature gets real hot, walk you dog early in the morning and in the evenings when the temperature cools down.

• A good water hose cool down can do wonders for keeping your dog cool.

• Use dog booties on hot surfaces.

• Watch for signs of dehydration, Molly had a heat stroke before and it comes up fast.

• Dogs cool from the bottom up.

When checking this today, I did find out that dogs do cool from the bottom which I didn’t know.  This is good because I always worried about Molly not getting all the way in the water to cool off, but will at least get in up her belly.

For most people, it’s not a problem to bring their dog inside, but for us, it can be a challenge for many reasons.

Meals, they know the routine, I enjoy watching TV when I eat dinner or snack, and with all the dogs in, it starts with one and before long, I have 6 dogs eating with me. The rule is no begging or jumping. You must sit down and just watch. Here I am giving a dog a bite off my fork, then another, then another and so forth. I get one bite to their six, which doesn’t seem too fare to me.  I asked Dutchess “When was the last time I ate your food?” and she didn’t respond, just turned her head and looked at me, knowing I was right.
 All in all it has not been too bad, I have kept them in most of the day for the last week or so because they just won’t slow down at all when they do go outside, most of the time we just read, sleep or watch TV, but I can see they are starting to get a little antsy and want to run for a few hours and cooler weather should come in a week or so, Please.

As I was writing this Saturday afternoon, I pulled up the weather radar and too my delight, I saw a huge storm approaching our area. I was thrilled and jumped with joy….but my tools that I am using to build the chicken coop are scattered around the building.  I had several compound saws and electrical tools all over because there is no need to put them up because “it’s never going to rain again”. I jumped from my chair and ran outside and sure enough, there is a storm approaching, yea, yea and more yea’s.  I told the dogs and they started barking with joy too and turning circles.  I had to move the tractor (hurry, rain is a coming) and put the truck with materials under the shed, where tractor was (hurry, rain is a coming). Put tarp on roof (hurry, rain is a coming) gather electrical tools put them under tarp (hurry, rain is a coming). Thank, Thank…. THANK YOU…RAIN IS A COMING. Gotta hurry back to the house, rain is a coming.  I ran back to the computer dripping wet with sweat just to see the big red area on the radar.    Wha-Wha-Wha….Rain not a coming, it went north and missed us.  I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunny day….The dogs thought I had lost my mind, and maybe I did, because of the heat....

Keep your dog cool…..Ken

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