They Have Changed Our Life

“They have changed my life” is something I hear quite often from people who have one of our border collies and I am sure they are right because my dogs have changed mine in such a good way.
This week and for the next few weeks our pups will be traveling to their new forever home to start their new life. It’s always a sad day for me but a very happy day for their owner. In just the last few days, we have had 8 families that traveled to the farm just to see their pup and we always welcome this, sometimes they even bring their dog. Everyone is so excited to play and cuddle with them and spend a just s few moments with “their” new pup.
This image has caused me to think of the impact our pups  have had on their families. I’m sure it has changed their life in some way or another and I always encourage people to keep me informed of how their dog is doing, for no other reason but just to keep up with their life and to see our little one again. Some don’t, but many do and it’s always a great joy for me when I get that message or email. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times “They have changed our life”. I have never really realized the impact that Molly, Meg and Dutchess have had on people in a positive way. I hear so many stories about the dogs and the things they do and the joy they have on a broken heart that they never thought would be mended, but did.
So here we go again, you see from my point of view, I get to see it all. From the point of the planned “deed” to the time when they go home. With each dog that has gone to its new home, we have held every one in the palm of our hand at their birth, checking them out and making sure everything was in place and just right. Hopefully, they are born during the day, but usually “mother” has other plans for a night delivery and that makes for a long night, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything, not only for the pups, but for the mom. It is a miracle to watch as everything comes together in such a perfect way. Then the fun starts because they grow so much, and oh so fast. Every day is a new adventure, learning new things, exploring objects that they have never seen before and living in their little world.  I enjoy it so when they find their voice and their first little bark and don't get me started on puppy breath, it's from heaven.  I often wonder if they know what a big world waits for them as they hurry to get there.  After my job is through, and as everyone drives away with their pup, I say a prayer…”Lord, let them all be happy and let them bring joy to each other” My prayer…. simple but true. You see, if you give, you’ll receive, if not, you won’t. We humans sometimes make it more complicated that it is, the dogs never do.
The last few days, I have had the pleasure to host some great “play days” here on the farm. I can’t think of a better way than to spend some good quality time and a afternoon with one of my pups “all” grown up.  They have changed so much from the little round faces and the big eyes that take everything in.  I can remember each new pup as they leave and also the family that takes them. There are smiles on all the faces and during every visit at some point, someone will ask “How can you do it, give them up?”, It’s simple, because of the joy and love I want other people to share.
Every one of my pups take away a small piece of my heart when they go to their new home, but when we get old and we all go "home" and cross that heavenly bridge together, they’ll bring it back to me with licks and kisses and we'll all be reborn and explore a new and wonderful place with big eyes that take everything in.  Good luck little pups, until that day…. Dad