Tess Comes Home

Tess had come full circle in 2012.  She was born in December 2011 and went to her new home.  Just a few months later, her original owner had suddenly passed away and after the funeral, her daughter took her home to Florida just to give her a temporary home.  After we were contacted, Tess was on Delta flight 1618, departing Orlando at about 7:30 am to come back to the farm. She was picked up and brought down to the farm for a little debriefing and just to get her feet back on the ground before she goes to her forever home.  She also played with our pack just to get socialized a little more

I thought about Tess all day on the flight day because I knew she would be in a crate in a cargo hold on a big plane. I know I get the willies when I fly and can't imagine how scared a little 5-month-old pup would be. She had to change planes in Atlanta, doesn't everybody, I guess dogs are the same about changing planes too and then on to Indianapolis.

The new owners and I had made plans to bring her back to the farm as I said earlier just to re-adjust her because so much has gone on in her life, and Saturday was packed full. When I knew she was getting close to the farm, I got a little nervous and a little excited to see her. I wonder how she would act and will she remember the farm or me. All the dogs were put up (because as we all know, my dogs will get in the car with anyone), and when the new owners arrived, Tess was a little scared and unsure about the new place. I gave my distinctive yelp, which we do with all the pups. "Here Pup, Here Pup," and her head snapped my way, and out she ran straight to me. Tess was home, she smelled me, and she was around familiar surroundings. She was a little unsure of all the big dogs at first, but as the afternoon wore on, she was playing and trying to fit in, which she did.

We all went to play near the water and had plenty of tennis balls and a Frisbee for Dutchess and Meg. Tess did very well and can catch and even fetch, bringing back the ball right back to your feet. She is a little pistol and is very loving, jumping on everyone's to get some love and attention. As the owners were getting ready to leave, I started to put the dogs up, not wanting my dogs to get in their car, so I called mine. As they were walking to the kennel, I called Tess "Here Pup, Here Pup," and Tess came running and went inside her old kennel area where she was born and raised and spent her young life playing with her littermates.

It's always good to see our pups again, I am so sorry for the sudden death of Karen and know her family is grieving, but know again, with all the power I have, I want my pups to be happy and if it wasn't for the help of many people who shared cost, made arrangements and the many people who went out of their way to help little Tess, none of this would be possible, and she might be in a shelter or worse.

Thank you all for your help. My heart also goes out to the special couple in Florida who gave Tess a home, even if it was temporary. As I write this, I know your heart broke as you put little Tess on that plane saying goodbye, knowing you will never see her again. Thank you for your understanding and for doing what was best for her. The right decisions are not always the easiest.  I know. I've been there. Karen, Rest in Peace, your little girl is just beautiful…and will be well taken care of, just as you wanted.

Followup... Last week, Tess, who had had a wonderful life, passed away, she was sick just a few days, and she went to sleep in her owner's arms. I knew about her illness from an earlier call and got the call when it was over. Tess will come full circle again when her ashes come back to the farm to be with Clancy and Molly. Rest in peace sweet girl.  Ken