I Just Don't Have Time

No, it's not me, I’m retired, I have plenty of time, it’s just that I have too many jobs and try to do everything in one day. One thing the Good Lord did not bless me with is patience, and I think he forgot Dutchess, too. Yes, this IS another Dutchess story.

 She always provides me with plenty of material for the site and may even plan to do things, because she loves the limelight.

If Dutchess could speak and she almost can, the first thing she would say is “I just don’t have time to do that.” The reason she would say that is because she has to;

Play Frisbee
Play Ball
Play Frisbee
Play Frisbee
Play Frisbee
Go Fishing
Jumping in other people's cars when they visit

There are many things that she doesn’t have time for; because she just wants to do other things, some of them she hates are;

Nursing her babies
Going to bed
Going to her kennel
And last but not least is minding me.

It's not that she really hates it, she just wants to do the things she wants to.  There is no doubt that Dutchess is a free spirit girl. I think she is a layover of the early 70’s and would wear a headband if she could find one. I know she was a hippie in her past life.

You don't mind if I drop these off for a while...Do you?
One of the problems we are having now is she is bored taking care of her pups. In her mind, I can just hear her…”Heck, they have teeth and can walk, they should be able to find food for themselves, I do, you just have to beg enough, they’ll give in”. She always weans her pups herself, when she thinks they are ready; because she wants to do other things.

The last couple of days, I have had to make her lie down and sit with her just to make sure the pups get some milk. She will give me the evil eye, and I can only imagine what she is thinking, but I usually win, usually.

You might win, but I don't like it...
She hates to go to bed or go in her kennel because the dogs usually stay out all day unless someone is coming over.   I will put all the dogs up; because they will charge the car, not to chase it, but to get to the driver, hoping that they might have a ball or in Dutchess’s case, “food.” Once, just as the car door was open, she went under the driver's legs to the passenger’s side of the car and tore open his McDonalds bag looking for at least one French fry. I was right there and did say, “I really do feed her” he took it in good strides, and we both laughed. He even got a few licks from her in case there were some crumbs still on his face.

One of the most amusing things I have ever seen her do was during a mating with Clancy (A little PG rating here). Elaine and I were taking a walk with the dogs, and as always, we have a Frisbee in hand. Well, Mother Nature took charge during the walk, and the deed was done, and as with dogs, they will stay this way for a period of time. Dutchess, seeing the Frisbee nearby decided she wanted the Frisbee and went for it. Well, Clancy could not see the Frisbee, nor wanted anything to do with it and was comfortable just to stay put. Off she went, pulling Clancy to the toy, his eyes getting bigger with every step. Fortunately, it was just a few feet away, and when she got there, she picked the Frisbee up and just held it in her mouth until they were finished, and in her mind, she wanted to be ready to play Frisbee.

Dutchess is an exquisite dog if she could tell it. She is just a free thinker and has a free spirit that wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. She is a leader and has never been a follower. I once saw her knock a gentleman down. He and his family were looking at the dogs just to get a feel for their personality. Dutchess was looking for a faster way to get to a toy, and he was in her way. This made perfect sense to her; but the only thing I saw was a lawsuit, again, he took it in good stride and said, “she sure is spirited, ” and I agreed. Whew!

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