This week I'm going to do a little wrap-up on a few stories. I have had many emails and questions on Facebook wanting to know the status of a few past posts and this week I am going to answer the questions.

Bodhi, now officially known as “Tucker”
After nearly 800 miles of road trips to Indianapolis, Winchester Ky, Ohio and Louisville, Tucker now lives near Carrollton Kentucky. During the ordeal and re-homing process, I got a message from someone who had one of our dogs from Meg’s past litter. She felt that Bodhi needed a job and I agreed. She asked  if they could meet him and if they could bring their dog too. Of course I said yes and several days later, everyone met and had a wonderful day. Bodhi acted like the perfect gentleman and put on the charm. He would sit by them and act like he had known them his whole life. That was the last time I saw Bodhi. It broke my heart for him to go, again, but now he has his forever home and is very happy. 
They are in agility with their dog, Errin.  Tucker (Bodhi)  had his first formal obedience lesson and will hopefully get into agility too. I get emails and Facebook messages from his owners telling me of his progress and accomplishments. He is doing very well.
Tucker with his ball, running agility with his new sister Errin
When I get the photos it kinda makes me sad, but in a good way, I miss him like crazy but I am glad he has found his forever home and a job and a special thanks to two wonderful people who took a chance on a dog that I knew was a keeper.  He has made an impact on me that no other pup has. Enjoy your life, until we meet again at the bridge, Dad.

If anyone wants to keep up on Tucker, you can friend request Hilary Ann Wain on Facebook and see photos and updates.

Link to more on Tucker
"Tess of the d'Urbervilles" was her official name but she was called "Tess" and this is the notice I sent out;

Just found out that "Tess" may be coming home. Tess was from "Molly" and was picked up on January 21 of this year during an ice storm because they wanted her so bad and couldn't wait. I remember her human mom "Karen" so well. Karen was so excited to get her and they came down and saw her many times before "Tess" was old enough to go home. Karen couldn't wait for the day that she and Tess would spend a lifetime together. Little did I know that the lifetime spent would be the end of Karen's.  She always held Tess in her lap on visits the whole time and would get kisses and licks from Tess. Karen passed away very unexpectedly and Tess needed a home, ASAP.  
After the notice was sent, many people came to the rescue wanting to help in any way they could. The problem was Tess was in central Florida and needed to be picked up  immediately. Some offered to set up a fund, some wanting to help transport and some even wanting to pay to fly Tess back home so we could find her a new home. Tess was only 4 months old and needed a mommy because she lost hers.   Many people came to the rescue, more than I would have thought.  I’m not really surprised because these people were dog lovers and not just dog owners.

While we had deposits on Dutchess’s litter, one of the people who had a deposit sent me an email stating that they would be willing to help. I called the caregiver to see where they lived in Florida and then called the people who were willing to help and they lived less than an hour from  each other. After giving each of them phone numbers, they made contact with each other and on that very day, Tess was picked up and went to a new home. I am so grateful for the responses from various  people who were willing to pick up, help out financially or with travel from place to place to get Tess to her new home.  Hopefully, this will be Tess’s forever home, time will tell. Karen was one of those people that you never forget. She was full of life and  so excited that she was going to get her puppy. I remember her visits so well because she was "just fun to be around". As I said before, Tess was picked up during an ice storm in January and I met them at a little store close to our home because of the icy hills.  Karen was so excited, she wept with joy.
I know Karen loved her very much and it would be her wish that Tess was well taken care of and loved. With the out pouring of love, Karen would be very pleased. Rest in Peace Karen, this time you’ll have to wait for Tess at the "Bridge" and take her across getting licks and kisses the whole way holding her in your arms once again, "forever"...