Vacation Days Ahead

This week we were watching two of our adult pups. They are here because they are on vacation at the farm while their human parents are on vacation too. It can sometime be a little hectic because we don’t just kennel them, they live with us and interact with us and our dogs in everything we do. What that really means is that they run free with our dogs and get into everything possible with our dogs and if you think it’s a hoot with 6, then try 8 or 9 and then throw in a play day or two. This is not a bad thing, it’s just hectic at times. There have been times when Elaine comes home from work and I have seemed exasperated and it was because it was like running a day care except it was for dogs. After I would take the edge off with a stiff ice tea, I would always reflect on the dogs and then would go right back in the thick of it again in just an hour or so throwing the Frisbee and ball, and why do they wait until they are right next to your leg to shake all the water off?

Last night Elaine and I were in a local eating establishment and one of the employees came up to us and said “Good evening Mr. Shuck” I was at the table and looked up and was thrown a little. He then went on to explain his family owned Annie. I remember Annie. She made an impression on me because she is a sweet, loving, beautiful tri color girl. We talked about all the things she does and I asked how old is Annie? And when he said, four years old, I was shocked. It just seems like a few months ago that she left and a few weeks ago that she had come for a visit. This set me to thinking about all the dogs and pups and the impact we have had not only on ourselves but the people around us with our dogs.
Every dog that comes back for a visit will jump from the car and run to us giving us kisses and licks. They always seem to know where they are. We love hearing their stories and the many antics that the dog will get into and I love every minute of it. I have seen many pups grow up and become beautiful dogs when they come back for a visit. We love to raise our pups and many people will ask “How can you let them go”. It’s because in my heart they have never left and I see the impact they have made on their owners and how they have become the love of their life. When a pup goes home, I always encourage people to keep us informed of how they are doing and any problems that might come up. Most people do and will supply us with emails loaded with photos and stories which I will forward to various people that are also interested.
This month is busy with visitors to the farm and it will be fun with all the dogs running around and around and around. One of the dogs (Bob) that went home yesterday ran the whole time he was here. At home he loves playing Frisbee and ball, but here he runs and won’t even give it a look. Many of the dogs do this because there are no restrictions, they are always off leash, which sometimes is not always the case at home, so they take advantage of it here. It’s like a kid in a penny candy store with a dime, “what do I do next”.

I brought in a pontoon boat for the big lake and one of the reasons was to give the dogs a boat ride. Well we got to try it out this week. Elaine and I got in and of course Clancy wanted to go and Dutchess didn’t want to miss anything so she jumped in the boat from the dock. The other dogs were a little unsure and scared to get in at first. Off we went and as we would move around the lake, all the other dogs would run on the shore just to follow us. As I got near the shore, they would line the bank in-front of the boat and as I pulled closer, they would jump on, eventually all the dogs were on and two of them swam to the boat. So here we were, all the dogs and visitors, some wet, some not, taking our first boat ride. I looked at Abbie and in her mouth she had a tennis ball. Elaine said, “Whatever you do, don’t throw that ball”
As hectic as it is, I love to see our pups again. I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would make an impact on other people, dogs and even us as we have, but it is the dogs that make us what we are because of the love and devotion they bring to us. Thanks for the visits and stories, we have a ball and the dogs do too.   Ken

PS.  Tucker (aka Bodhi) is doing great.....