Gone Home...

Since I have been writing this blog, I have never had as much interest from people writing, calling or emailing me as I have had with Bodhi. Everyone has been very positive and it was people wanting to know if he was OK and their concern in finding him a good home. I will also tell you that he has affected me in a number of ways. It seems like I have lived a lifetime through Bodhi and have traveled many miles just to make sure he was in the best place for him. My emotions have been all over the spectrum with him, always wanting to be up but sometime being very down and concerned. There were many times when he was the first thing I thought of and the last thing at night, and yes, I even prayed for him and his safety knowing that God loves him too because I loved him.
The sad part, Bodhi was a good dog, he was just misplaced in some of his homes and time was not on his side. You see, sometimes it takes a special person that will take that special effort and attention for him to excel to his fullest, but it was finding the right person and it was becoming hard.  He had good people, but the environment was the downfall in some cases.
I want to thank all of the people that contributed to him and their attempt to help Bodhi.  I will always say that every time he came back from a trial home, he came back a better dog than when he left and I think it was the different people and situations he went to. He faced more new home situations than a salesman selling vacuum cleaners and he always adapted to each home, some good and some in a bad way, but it bettered him and helped in his progress.
Bodhi is the dog I will never forget, I remember when he first came to me and how scared and troubled he seemed, and how loving he was when he left, you see Bodhi was re-homed 5 times and each time, it tore my heart out. When he left the last time, I remembered before he left, he ran to me and jumped on the couch and put his paws in my lap and his head on my leg and then reached up and gave me a kiss, I can still see his eyes and will aways miss them so.
I want to thank his original owners for bringing him back to us so we could do the right thing and try to find him a new home. Bodhi was a nipper because he was scared, but in a shelter, he would have been put down. It’s something that would not be tolerated at all and there are no options. I know the original owner has struggled along with me in finding him a new home and has kept up with him via emails with me.  She was so concerned and wanted the best for him because she also knew he was a good dog, we just needed for other people to see it too.
Bodhi has gone home…It’s funny, just last week I found in my computer some videos of his litter. Molly was the mother and there were ten pups all running around and having a blast with each other. Not only was Bodhi in the video, but little “Oreo” was too, she was killed a few months ago by a delivery truck in her driveway. Little did I know any of the future scenarios when I shot that video.

Errin is a beautiful dog that needed and wanted someone that could and would keep up with her, she is a very active Frisbee and agility dog and has a wonderful home life. She is from a litter of Clancy and Meg. Her human mom has two dogs, but one is a senior and is blind and Errin needs a playmate.
Tucker came into her life quite unexpectedly. She was looking for another dog from Meg’s upcoming litter, but none were available. Tucker caught her eye and he is now part of their life, living a dream. Very soon Tucker will start his life in agility and all the fun that’s goes with it. It was said "Tucker just needs a job" and I agreed. You see, “Tucker” is “Bodhi”.
Not only does he have a new home, he has a new name. It’s only fitting to have a fresh start, something we all may need once in a while. God Bless all of you that have followed me on this journey, I think “Bodhi”, now “Tucker” had found his forever home, and he deserves it. I’ll never forget you…You have so much to give and want nothing but a home and now you have it, thanks to a few special people.    Love Dad…