Here we go.....Again

I would never have thought we would be getting a thunderstorm and a tornado the first of March, but here we go again. That’s right we’re getting ready for bad weather and by the looks of the weather radar it’s headed our way. It just seemed like a few weeks ago that we were dodging the bad storm in August.

Right now we are having our first thunder storm for the season and it is a doozie . I usually don’t watch the local weather and I was sitting at the computer when the phone rang. It was my cousin Peg. She said just a few words, “Better get the dogs in, the storm is coming”. Peg lives in Louisville and saw the situation on their local weather station and called, and I’m glad she did. As I approached the back door, all the dogs were all waiting to come in. I’m sure they sensed it and I have always heard animals can feel an approaching storm. As soon as I opened the door, they raced for cover, trying to be the first one under the desk. Dutchess got the post possession and there was no taking it from her. While the internet was out (because we use a satellite), I worked on this blog and did some busy work that didn’t require a connection and watched the dogs react to the storm.

One thing I noticed, while sitting here, every dog took turns putting their head in my lap while I typed, usually there was a dog on each side of the chair at once. Even Dutchess gave up her post under the desk to come to me to be comforted. Each one would lay their head ever so tenderly and then look up at me. And as I was typing, I would stop and rub their head and talk to them, they would seem to relax and would lay down so the next one could take their place. I think they just needed to be reassured that everything would be OK and it was. As I would check on the storm and go outside, all the dogs would follow me to the door and stop, not wanting to go outside themselves, except Annie who has no fear of anything. When I came back in, it was like a homecoming, all jumping and spinning; just glad to see me and giving me kisses and licks. Everywhere I went in the house; it was like a Border Collie parade, all in a row as to their pecking order. The storm passed and the sun came back out for us, however we were lucky. At least fourteen people were killed in the areas around us with millions of dollars of damage and countless heartaches. But by the grace of God we made it, and everyone was fine. Thank you Jesus…

Many dogs are scared of storms and loud noises such as fireworks or even riding in a car. I have read many articles about this and there is a new product that is catching on and seems to help with these types of fear. It’s called a Thunder Coat and I just saw one at Petco. Some call it a Thunder Shirt, but they all work about the same. There are several YouTube video’s about it, here’s one of many:

Remember it won’t work for every problem, but it might be worth a try if your dog gets really nervous or frightened. The ads say it will work with storms, fireworks and even traveling in a car. If anyone has any feedback, please let me know so I can pass it along. I am very lucky that mine are just a little frightened with noises, and I guess it’s because we’re always banging around with something. I think if your dog has problems with any of these issues, it might be worth a look see and I’m sure they all work about the same.

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed us just to check if we and the dogs were OK during the storms it means a lot. Ken