Breakfast With Dutchess...OMG

Saturday morning, I got up early and piddled around the house a little. I usually grade the roads with my tractor on Friday’s, but I waited until the roads dried out a little because of the rain and ranked them this morning. It was cold on the tractor, and when I got back to the house, I noticed that Elaine was up and was fixing a hot breakfast. As I went in the back door, I noticed a black and white dog with its head in a yogurt container. It only took one guess of who it was, and I’m sure you could guess too. “Dutchess” The worse dog to have anywhere around food unless you want her to get most of it. Elaine had invited her in for breakfast. Dutchess looked at me and barked as if saying, “please let me eat with you, please?”

Why not, I said, knowing I would regret this decision. Elaine made enough for all three of us, and Dutchess even had her own plate. We had eggs, yogurt, sausage, bagel, coffee, and milk (Dutchess did not have coffee; it makes her hyper).
Now some of you might think Dutchess would eat in a dog bowl, but Nooooo, she had her own plate, including a glass of milk. It started with our prayer, and as we prayed, Dutchess tried to get a head start, so I made the prayer quick, knowing God would understand. He of all should know about Dutchess because he gave her to us. After that fiasco, Dutchess was eager to get started on breakfast. “I want eggs, I want eggs NOW, NOW, give me eggs.”

She was so comical with everything, even eating off a fork, and she does it with the best of anyone. She would sit next to me and bark when she wanted a bite. Of course, it sounded like a kennel of dogs inside the house with all the barking going on, but it was cute. I would feed her a bite off the fork and then give her a drink from the glass.

Some people think this is disgusting. I remember my mother telling me she had once seen a family member set their plate on the floor so their dog could “clean it,” and she was disgusted to no end. I’m just glad Mom can’t see us, and our dogs do this. Sorry, Mom.

Dutchess even spoofed me and looked out the back door and cocked her ears up as if she saw something, which she did. She saw me take my eyes off my plate and turn to look out the door, and before I could turn back around, a third of my bagel was gone, and she sat there like a Cheshire cat, but the butter on her nose gave her away.

I’m telling you, Dutchess is more like a human than some humans I know, but I love her anyway. No matter what she is doing, she does it with gusto and with all her heart. We finished breakfast and had a good time with her. She, like all of our dogs, is a hoot to be around. And no, I was wrong, I didn’t regret “Breakfast with Dutchess.”