We Call It A Play Day…

But it’s much much more. One thing we really enjoy is what we call “play day”. It’s when one of our pups come over to just play and interact with our dogs or stay the night, kinda like a sleepover. This is good for a variety of reasons and I enjoy it because it gives my dogs someone new to play with and it socializes them with other dogs. It always changes the pecking order and that’s good for everyone, especially knowing they can play together.
The pup or adult dogs that come back to play also benefit because it socializes them too and they have a lot of fun. They learn very fast to fit in and find their place in the pack. It amazes me to watch them as they get out of the car, and in just a few minutes they fit right in, knowing who they can play with and who they need to give a little distance to. They always start slow, running at the back of the pack and as the day wears on, they move up into the middle, and some even try to be the lead dog. But they have to earn it, and not too many have, but they do like to try. It builds their confidence and we have a good time, no matter what the weather is.
Summer days with the sun are great because of the water they can get in, but rainy days and snow days are fun too. If someone comes for the first time I suggest they bring a towel or something to clean them off with. When they are really dirty, we give them a bath. If it’s a hot day, we (the adults) will sit on the porch in the cool shade while the dogs dry off and sleep in the shade on the porch.
There are plenty of activities to do here on the farm. There is ball and Frisbee, canoeing, dock diving or just jumping and playing in the water.
There is always chasing each other through the woods and playing “fight”. We have never had a problem or a real skirmish with anyone because there is no threat. Everybody is always on their best behavior and off leash.
Some might think it would be a hassle or problem for me to do this, but I will tell you, I love it. It gives me a chance to see my pups again and it’s a break in my day. Many people will come over with their dog, sometimes making a day of it and bringing the whole family and some will only come for an hour or so. I have had people who just needed a break or come over when their dog has been cooped up because of the weather. They call and schedule a day.
Of course there is no charge; I do it because I love my pups and the breed and I like to watch them play. We have even hosted people who saw us on the internet and just wanted to drop by. We welcome them and their border collie.
As I went back into my photo archives, I saw so many I wanted to include, but there is just not the space here. I may include a link, just devoted to “play days” later on. I saw so many wonderful dogs and wonderful times and it brought back so many wonderful memories looking at the photos.  So pack your picnic basket, grab your favorite Frisbee or ball and lets have some fun...