Sharing Your Bed, Do You?

Molly and Abbie

With six dogs, we always take turns with each of the dogs on who gets to stay in the house, not only during the evening to watch TV and eat snacks, but also to sleep in the “man’s” bed with the man and his “mate”. We like to do this for several reasons. The first one is to see each dog away from the pack and to give them individual time with us to do the things they want to do which is usually a small game of recliner chair Frisbee or toss the ball. As I have said many times before, mine are all different in many aspects and mannerisms. They seem to sense and know whose turn it is to come inside for a fun filled evening with the “man”. After feeding them in their kennel at night, it’s time to choose who comes in and you always get the “sad eyes” and “pouty faces” of the ones who are left, but the dogs that have been chosen will stop and give raspberries to the ones in the kennel, as if saying Ha-Ha it’s me, it’s me and not you….
After watching a few of their favorite shows while sitting in my lap, it’s time for bed. One last trip outside and back inside in a flash. This is where they all change and show their true colors and bed habits.
Let’s start from the youngest to the oldest.

Annie is a gem. She will lie so still at either the foot of the bed or at your head giving you plenty of room. You won’t even know she’s in the bed and she won’t move all night and is a little angel, one of the only times. She hasn’t learned any bad sleep habits yet, but she’s still young.

Abbie, she is a real character. First, she will beat you to the bed and lay on the pillow and will be put out if she has to move. If for any reason you get up during the night, she will again, move to the pillow where it is warm and snuggle right in. During the night, she will put her back to you and you can cuddle her like a teddy bear. She will lie as still as she can, but when she hears the first noise or feel any movement, game on! She is licking your face and giving you a good ear cleaning.

Meggie loves to lie back to back. It’s so wonderful during cool weather because she will stretch out and keep you warm from head to toe. She will press her back into you and nearly move you across the bed.

Dutchess is a real treat. She will want to play until the last minute and even bring a ball to bed, just in-case you might want to toss a few during the night with her. She is the hardest to sleep with because she has so much energy and never wants to stop.

Molly will want to lay her head near your face, which brings her paws up there too. She will paw at your arm trying to get you to pet her head and the more she paws at you, the more she thinks you will pet her back, even more.

Clancy is the largest of all the dogs. He will climb up on the bed and bury his nose into your armpit or under your neck. He always gives a big sigh and is gone for the night. He will lie in the same position for hours and even snores just a little.

All in all, the dogs are excellent bed buddies. They never need to go out and everyone will keep still except Dutchess, who will get up in the middle of the night and play, even if it’s by herself. I am usually a light sleeper, but I will again tell you, when they lick your face, the back of your neck, your ear or shove their tongue to your brain through your nose, it wakes me up! The other thing, most of our dogs have very rough paw pads because they are have been toughened up running so much on the rocks and rough terrain. It is a shock when they put their paws on your back and give you a good “scratchin”. We usually have at least two dogs in at any one time. Last night it was Molly and Clancy. If you rub or pet one, the other will move into position for their rub and pet too. As I awoke this morning and after giving them a good ear scratchin, they settled back in for a little more rest. When I went to get up, I went the other side of the bed to get out, over Elaine, THEY just seemed at peace and I didn’t want to disturb THEM. As for the “Man’s” Mate, that is another story for another time…
My mother would not allow any dog on the bed, I guess I don’t mind because they are part of my life and part of me. I love them so….