Some of my Facebook followers may be aware that Meggie hurt her foot last week, but for those people not into Facebook, she was running with Abbie and impaled a stick or something sharp through her paw. It was between her paw pads that would usually protect her paw and it was a pretty severe injury that required an immediate trip to the Vet’s office. She could not walk on it at all and had to be carried most of the way and when she did walk, she sort of hopped on her good paw and I felt so sorry for her. This reminds me again that we are raising our children all over again because of the pain you feel for them. I have joked that raising border collies is like raising kids and this was meant to humor the reader but it does seem to be true in many different ways.

During this last trip to the Vet, it reminded me of another time I had to rush Meg to the Vet’s office because she had impaled herself on a piece of pig wire. This type of wire fence was cut off on the end and had many exposed 3/8 inch spikes that were sharp. It was, “I thought” in a safe place and out of the way where no one could get to it. She was running and turned a corner and ran went right into it and collapsed, the bad part, I was only about 5 feet from her and saw the whole thing happen.  It was awful; it went into her chest in several places and I had to pull it out of her. On the way to the Vet’s office, her head was in my lap and she didn’t bleed a drop.  At one point, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she took a big breath. I thought she was gone, but we continued to the Vet. When we got there, she responded and appeared to “come to”. After doing x-rays and a good check, everything turned out OK and after loads of antibiotics, she just had to rest for a while, but it was real scary.
Meg At 10 Weeks Old
During this episode this past week with her foot injury, I have to soak her foot twice a day, take antibiotics and she has to wear protection on her foot so not to get it wet. This was especially hard since we have had solid rain for several days and now ice.  Meggie is a real trooper, she lets me do anything to her foot and will let me examine it without even a cringe, but her eyes tell me that it hurts. She will just look in my eyes as if she is saying “I understand”. She seems to trust me, knowing that I won’t do anything that would cause her needless pain or suffering.
Meg has always been a real trooper. She has endured more injuries than most of the other dogs put together, but I believe she has a “can do” attitude and is willing to do anything physical, especially if it involves running or jumping. She is the most gentle of any of the dogs we have (except Molly) and loves to cuddle and lay in your lap and just follow me around.
I am a little concerned with her paw, it appears to be taking a long time to heal, but maybe that’s just me. You see when we got Meg, we also got her sister “Gaia”. She came to visit with us until her human parents could make arrangements to fly her to South America, this was because we had boarding facilities.  Six months after Gaia left, we were notified that Gaia had passed away for no apparent reason. Since then, we have always felt Meg was just a little special and we have always protected her, just like one of our kids.  
This is Meg and Gaia, before Gaia left for South America
If you have kids, you always worry about them, what they are doing and where they are at.  You want what's best for them and guide them along, because chances are, you have made that mistake and don't want them to go through that pain.  You love them more that they will ever know.  My father once told me that you really don't know what love is, until you have children.  I really didn't think about this until I had mine, and now I know.  Until now, I have never had dogs that are so devoted to me and love and give me so much in return.  I guess that's why I try to protect them so...

Meg is a strong little dog and has a heart of gold, but for Christ sake Meg, SLOW DOWN AND WATCH WHERE YOU ARE RUNNING!!!   Dad

Run Free Gaia, see you at the Bridge...

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