That time of year…Again…..

As you know, it’s that time of year…. again. The first of the month of December…No, not the monthly check in the mail, not the car insurance payment due, not a check to the government, something very special and something we all have done or will do very soon.
It’s the annual time to write your letter to Santa. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in this, just ask my dogs and they will tell you otherwise. They watch the calendar and on December 1st, one minute after midnight, they gallop into the bedroon and announce…LETTERS TO SANTA TIME….YEA!!!

I will tell you, it’s a huge deal here to do this annual event. Everyone has big saucer eyes and pages torn from their favorite pet catalog magazine. With pencils and paper in their mouth, here they come as fast as they can. I try to calm them and tell them that it can wait until tomorrow, but they will have none of that, no none of that for them. They sit at my feet and look at page after page of dog toys and Frisbee’s. You’ll never guess who was looking at the Frisbees, No, you’ll never guess, really! Oh, okay, you’re right….”Dutchess” but how did you know…?

Clancy wants a big bag of rawhide bones. He says he wants them just for himself. I told him that it’s not nice to be selfish and that Santa would want him to share. He bowed his head and said you’re right. He said “I remember when Molly shared a big soup bone with me. I’m sorry” he says. Besides, Clancy you might want to keep the girls happy with your rawhide bones, “Right?”
Molly wants more tennis balls. “Not the ones that squeak” she said, “ just the plain ones.” But most of all, she wants more lap time with “the man”. I said Santa can’t bring that, but I will see what I can do.
Meg wants a bright green collar to go with her pretty red hair. “I’ll look so stunning” she says and she does look like a Princess when she goes to agility or to a show. She said “..after all, green matches my eyes.”

Abbie wants more land; I said “What?” She explained that she loves to run and run fast and just runs out of room. She will dart in and out of the trees and bushes, around fences and she wants something like a big flat area with a lake at the end so she can run straight into it. I said “I don’t know if Santa can bring that on the sleigh.” She said she would ask anyway. I said “Don’t be disappointed, you better ask for something else.”
Annie wants a few books on tricks. She said, “all the other dogs can do “things” that I can’t do.” I said “you can ask, but I bet it will come in time if you just watch the other dogs.” She’s still gonna ask anyway.

Last, but not least “Dutchess” She has filled up her page with just a few things, but a lot of writing. It started like this…

“Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl.” I stopped her right there and said, “Santa knows when you have been good or bad.” “Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl.” “Dutchess” I said. “Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl.” “Well at least you’re right on that.” I said. Then it went like this…
“I want 2 Frisbees…
I want treats and snacks
No, I want 3 Frisbees, NO, 5 of them
Can you bring me a dozen, a baker’s dozen, that means 13 of them, right?
Can you bring me a dozen donuts? That’s also means 13 of them, right?
NO, NO, NO, I want a hundred Frisbees, different colors and a hundred donuts.
NO, NO, NO I want a thousand of them, different colors with “my” picture on them.
Tell you what Santa, just fill up you sleigh with Frisbees and donuts and bring them all to me, okay, Santa?
I also want……..” “Dutchess!!!” I said.
Well, as you can see, all in all it went smooth and we got the letters in the envelopes with stamps in just the right spots, give or take a few sloppy licks. The return address was their paw print in ink, also just in the right place, cause Santa knows.
Remember with the Holiday Season Christmas Season fast approaching; remember what it’s all about. Give your dog a hug... and get those letters in the mail. Ken