The "Stare"

This has been a very slow week for me and the dogs. If it wasn’t raining, it was at least cloudy and nobody wanted to get out in the weather…. I didn’t think you would believe that, but I tried, “I” didn’t want to get out in the weather. The dogs could care less, in fact the wetter and muddier they get, the better. It never ceases to amaze me of the energy the dogs have, and as I have said before, they always want to do SOMETHING and there is only so much Frisbee we can play in the house. I have even become pretty good at tossing a tennis ball or Frisbee while I watch the news and don’t even need to look at where I toss it because I have done it so many times.
They have all gotten the routine down pat. I will let them in just to spend some time with them and then they start “the stare”. I can ignore it, ignore it, ignore it, for only so long and "the stare” will always win. I can say “bathroom”, no change in "the stare” and then I will say “Ball” and they bounce and buck like little broncos. They dance all the way to the special drawer where they know the “toys” are kept. Then they will all turn circles and then “stare” at the drawer. Well duh dad, open the drawer, now! Dutchess (of course) will jump up with her front feet on the open drawer and get the toy she wants. There are about 10 tennis balls in various conditions and one ratty Frisbee. Dutchess always picks the Frisbee. 
If dog tails could speak, they would say with every wag, thank you, thank you, thank you and then stand in front of the recliner with the toy in their mouth until I get back in the chair and then it’s “game on”. We have a rule; if they don’t put the ball or Frisbee in my lap I won’t throw it (it’s less work for me). Dutchess will put the Frisbee in my lap and in one second, reposition it closer and if I don’t get it in the time she wants, she will reposition it again and again. Then they all stand back just a few feet and “stare” until I throw the toy. This can go on forever.

I do hate it when it is rainy and wet. I feel bad when they get in the rain and get all dirty, but they don’t seem to mind. The bad thing, it prevents them from coming in the house when we are done. A few times, I have actually “accidently” thrown the ball near the lake and they have “accidently” jumped in. Presto, they’re all clean and then I just dry them off.
One thing about border collies is they seem to clean themselves. They can be so dirty and when I put them up for the night, presto again, they’re clean the next day when I let them out of their kennel. Where does the dirt go, it just amazes me.
Another thing I don’t understand is if I do bathe them and the water temperature is a little on the cold side they complain and want to get out of their bath, yet, let a ball get near the lake or when they want to get a “real” drink (which is getting all the way in the water to drink) they don’t seem to have any problem getting in and out of the water, no matter how cold it is. I have seen all of them get in the water when there was just a small opening in the ice on the frozen lake. I have seen Abbie get in the water when the air temperature was so cold it froze the water on her coat and it was stiff, but let the bath water be just a little on the lukewarm side and they want out.
With the holidays upon us, we always get some of our adult dogs to visit while their owners go away for the holiday. We will see some new visitors and see some of our old friends that are coming to stay. We enjoy it so and look forward to it and I’m sure there will be some amazing things to write about.
Remember, Next Week Will be Christmas Morning and the Dogs Won't let me forget...What Will Santa Bring?