Their Guardian Angel

There is a little unknown ritual that takes place with every litter of pups that leaves our farm. It started with the first litter and continues today and it is something I have come to cherish and look forward to. Every pup that has been born and leaves our farm, with the exception of just one, (because of a snowstorm) has been loved and cooed over by a person that holds them very close to their heart. I guess you could say they have a Guardian Angel that checks them out and gives them their final approval for this big old world.

My cousin Peg is making the trip from Kentucky today to say goodbye and good luck to the little ones that will venture into the world next week. It is sometimes hard to imagine all the dog kisses and untied shoestrings that she has endured, and I know she loved every minute of it. In just a short time, she gets to know them and will call them by name. She will ask me about certain ones years after they have left, if I have not heard from the owners, I will email them and send her updates and photos when possible.
Peggy’s Mom and Dad and my parents were very good friends and at times they lived just a few blocks from each other. Her Mom and my Dad were brother and sister and we are alike in many ways. I remember spending time with her parents and her Dad would teach me things, that I still carry today and have even taught my son the same lessons.
But she comes today. She loves to cook and today she is bringing my favorite, “meat loaf”. We always have a nice sit down meal and then go to the kennel to see the pups. Sometime we will sit in the yard or just play in the kennel with them. She is so tender with them and will allow them to kiss and lick her, and of course, they all do. It almost seems like they know why she is there, because they all make a special effort to get her approval, or so it seems. All of them will gather at her feet and jump for attention, and in time they all will have their turn in her arms, safe and secure and out of harm’s way.

She has always said “how can you let them go” and I know if she had the space, she would keep them all and to my knowledge, she has never owned a Border Collie of her own, but I feel that she is part owner of mine. You see, it was Peg who rode with me to a farmhouse in southern Kentucky to help me pick out our first full blooded Border Collie. I remember so well, like it was yesterday going to the old farmer who at the time had two litters in the old barn, all of them running and scampering and barking. It was quite an ordeal and hard to pick. With Peg’s assistance, we chose “Molly” my heart dog, and on the long way home, Molly slept on her lap, and the bond was made with Border Collies for both of us.
So to all of my dog owners, before your pup met you, they met Peg who started them on their wonderful pathway to your door step. I can assure you, they were loved, hugged and even cuddled beyond belief. You might even say they are who they are, because of her. When I get updates and photos from our little ones, I will forward them to her and she is so pleased of their progress. Don’t ever think that she is not watching over my shoulder, making sure her baby’s are doing OK. Thanks Peg, you have made a difference in so many lives and pups and even mine.