Thanksgiving Day

Probably the best holiday for me is Thanksgiving, other than Christmas. It involves one of my most basic and coveted needs, “food,” and I always ask Elaine to make a lot because I love the leftovers. This year I wanted to include the dogs to help me share my beloved and much anticipated holiday.

In my conversations with the dogs, and don’t tell me you don’t talk to yours, we pondered what they were thankful for too. This year they let me in on some of their thoughts.

Clancy said he is thankful to be the “man” around the farm. He likes to strut his stuff and be in charge and thinks he looks so handsome when the wind blows in his hair, and the girls look at him with a gleam in their eye, and they swish their tail, just right. He also likes to come in and sleep on the bed with everyone and he likes it that he is “King of his Hill,” but he didn’t want me to tell the part where he loves to curl up, and just be a little puppy again without any worries or cares in the world. He is thankful that he has a big family and lots of little pups running around all over the world. Oh, he also said he loves to chew on rawhide and to be with Maddie Grace.

Just to Take the Edge Off.......OK?
Molly said she likes it that she is my Heart Dog but knows that everyone else needs attention too. She said she likes for me to pay attention to her, but understands that she has to share me with the others. Molly also said she likes to come in and sleep on the bed and also loves it when I talk silly to her. She always answers with grunts and groans and the funny part, I think I can understand her. She tries to keep her girls in order and does well, but it’s a big job when it comes to Dutchess. Nobody can control Dutchess, not even Dutchess…

I Want Some NOW.........
Dutchess spoke up and said, “I like my Frisbee, no my food, I mean my Frisbee…Can you put my food on my Frisbee?” She also said she likes to run and run rel fast. She can’t understand why people can’t run as fast as she can. She likes to play Frisbee in the house when the “man” is in his chair trying to sleep. “If I can’t find a Frisbee, then I’ll play ball, did I say I like Frisbee? And food, I mean real food off of a fork or spoon, it doesn’t matter? Do they make a Frisbee you can eat?” She also likes to talk and speak, something you should never teach a dog to do, “Bark.” She loves to get in all the cars when they pull in the driveway, no matter who is in them. I’m sure she is looking for a Frisbee or food.

She got Her Wish...Frisbee with Food
Meg said she is thankful that we let her make spoons in bed with us. She said thanks for going to agility class with her even though she threw up on the console of the car as we were pulling in for class. She also said thanks for not getting mad for doing it 3 times in a row. It’s the same console I thought she took her last breath on when she impaled herself on a piece of steel, and I rushed her to the dog hospital. She said thanks for all her tennis balls and Frisbee's that we have, even though Dutchess hides them.

Is It OK To Be Here?
Abbie said she is thankful that she has a home. She said when she left us as a little puppy, she thought she was going to a real home with kids and things. She didn’t understand why she came back here, only to go away again, just to come back again. She said she didn’t know where her home was, but now she knows. It’s with us, forever, never to leave again. She is also thankful for the warm spot that I make when I get out of bed. She likes to get right on the warm spot before I come back to bed.

Annie said in her puppy way, “I’m thankful everyone likes me, even though I am different” I felt like a misfit toy once, but you made me one of you, even though I “am” different. “I love my brothers and sisters, ” and you teach me a lot of stuff, especially love, and now I can jump in your lap all by myself.

“Well guys, you told me what you are thankful for, I guess it’s my turn.” “It’s a little more complicated than what you are thankful for. But let’s start. You are my friends and my companions. You are always near me, even when I’m in the hot tub or just trying to put my shoes on, always giving me licks and kisses.  You listen to me and have no idea what I am saying except “Let’s Eat, Ball and Frisbee” But, your vocabulary will far exceed mine on many fronts because you can say so much with your eyes. You know just when I need something or everything. Watching you enjoy life, makes my heart skip a beat because you really do know how, something we all should learn to do, but never have time, until it’s too late and then we can’t.

Just a Little Pre-Clean, You Don't Mind Do You?
You have saved me many times in so many ways, even once when I fell and knocked myself out on a cold and icy walkway. I was home by myself, and you all licked my face until I woke up. There is no doubt that you would give your life for me and I hope you know mine for you. I remember once Max fell through the ice and was trapped and couldn’t get out. My shoes were off, but he climbed out on his own. I knew my duty, just like you know yours. Thank You…

You pick up my spirit and allow me to wander through your world, making me part of "your" pack, which is an honor, something, not every human can do. You love me for just being me, taking me as I am. I never have to dress up or comb my hair or put on my fancy clothes. Shorts or suits, it doesn’t matter, you love me as I am.
You have always been loyal and have never left my side, even when I have scolded you, you crawl to my feet, looking up from your bowed head, your eyes take me straight to your heart, teaching me another lesson. They say Border Collies are the most loyal friends, and I believe it. You are more dependable than most humans, and we should all take lessons from you.

I am thankful for the many many beautiful people that we have met that have a small part of us with them. Your little pups, I have seen it time and time again. People are so happy when they arrive on the day that the little puppy goes home. I see so much happiness in their eyes and know that they can’t wait to call their little dog their own. I get stories all the time about how the pups and the big dogs are doing. Thank you, Clancy, Molly, Dutchess, Meg, Abbie, Annie, Gabby, Doc, and Shepp for making me what I am today. I am living a dream I didn’t know was possible.

Happy Thanksgiving; give your dog a hug today. Thank you for a wonderful holiday and an incredible journey. Ken and the Crew