Puppy Breath

There is just something about a puppy.  Sammy is going home today and he has been here with us inside the house enjoying all the comforts of home.  We will surly miss him.  He has learned many things in just the short time he has been inside with us.  The most important is that he is potty trained.  He has not had one "accident" yet.  As soon as he goes out to do his "business", he goes, and we scoop him up and love all over him and right back inside.  He has not even had an accident in his kennel cab, which he has become accustom to through the night.  He has done great and is a very loving puppy.  Today he will go home and be a farm dog and will have plenty of things to do and kids to play with.  He is one lucky dog, and the new owners can't wait.
One thing that I will miss, is something that is somewhat of a mystery.  It occurs in every dog and is unique.  Because we usually get in the floor and play with them, (and of course, they will lick your nose right off your face if you let them), we get to sample this quite a lot.  Puppy Breath....
I use to think it was because they were nursing with mom.  When I would pick them up at around 2 weeks or so, they will nurse the tip of my nose if you get them too close to your face and you can smell their breath, but when I would wean them, they still had the same sweet order and would last until they went home.
It's seems like a lot of people like the smell and there is even several Facebook pages devoted to it 
Whatever the reason it reminds me of the innocence of a puppy and the tender times that they have, just rolling around on the floor and puling your shoestrings. 

Just a few updates on other things.

Dutchess had an injury that kept her quite for a while.  She has cause some soft tissue damage to her right front paw and it has been a real trick trying to keep her quite for two weeks, but that's soon to be over and back to wiggles and twists.

We are going to take a much anticipated road trip today after church to see Shepp.  His owners have invited us to see him and see how he is doing.  We'll take one of his favorite squeaky tennis balls that he would carry in his mouth (new)  and squeak time and time again just walking around the house.  OH how I miss that noise.  See you soon Sheppie...More Later

Note:  I will be posting a special Thanksgiving Issue on Thursday morning from a dog's point of view...