It's Over

Well we're just about over the "season" time (thank you Jesus) and I will tell you it has been a struggle, especially with two of the girls making them selves available... and again I will tell you it has been a struggle.  While they were put up, I got some alone time with Clancy (just to keep him occupied), Annie and Abbie.  Dutchess was up because she was with pups.  Clancy was being very comical and appeared to be in a giddy mood and I can't figure out why (not).  We would play ball and they would try to out do each other and run and bump into each other.  I do miss the girls and I know they don't understand.  I will look forward to everyone being able to get together and play as a pack again.

I don't know who's mouth is bigger.  For such a little girl (and Abbie is the smallest)  she can open her mouth wider that any dog that I have ever seen, but I think Annie will give her a run for her money.  Annie has the mouth of a little alligator and she likes to use it, but it better not be on me....
Stink Pot, Possum, I mean Annie is getting ready to learn a very valuable lesson.  She hasn't learned to play ball or Frisbee yet, and when she runs with the big dogs she will grab the fur of the big dogs on the side of their neck and just let them pull her along.  It will happen very quick, one of the adult dog will have enough and will put the wrath of fear into her and that will be that, Good luck Annie, I hope you learn the lesson the first time. 

This is Jessee, she is one of our pups that lives in Louisville.  She is a very sweet girl and I was talking with her owner and she happen to say she takes her everywhere and even to Lowe's.  I said really, do they mind?  "Never", was her response.  I said "no way" so she proved me wrong.  She said she sits in the basket and just takes everything in.  Too Cool....  Where do you take your dog?...Comments..