24 Hours

No, not the TV show, but 24 hours with 6 Border Collies. I only hope you have enough time to read it all, and this was a dull day.
10 pm - Dutchess, Clancy and Annie are all in for the night. Dutchess is restless, because she wants to play, she keeps going to the drawer where we have the tennis balls, and 3 dogs playing in the house is impossible, one is OK. Everyone settles down and goes to sleep, Annie's on my lap, Dutchess on the floor and Clancy in the recliner. Bedtime, I go to the kennel and check on the pups, 1,2,3,4, and 5 yep, there all here.
6:30 am – I get up and fix coffee, turn the pot off, Elaine won’t be up for hours, save energy. Let all the dogs out of the house and they start running as soon as they hit the door, off they go. Back to the kennel, to feed and count. 1,2,3,4, and 5, yep all here. Lots of little barks, their hungry, food now!! Change water and feed, happy pups.
7:00 am - let them all out even Dutchess with a hurt paw, she’s better but I don’t want to push it. I tell her not to run (sure), never heard a word.  Meg and Abbie run and make 100 trips around the property without even stopping, barking along the way and even jumping in the lake.
7:30 am - working on a fence, Annie helps by rearranging my tools.   I blow the leaves on the ground. Annie wants to play again with the blower, found the glove that Annie got out of the garage two days ago, now I have a pair again, plus a hole.
8:30 am - cut the grass and leaves. Abbie finds and brings a tennis ball and places it in front of the riding mower. You would be surprised how far the riding mower will send it. Off they go to find it.
9:30 am – Move the big tractor and yard equipment around for winter, the dogs want to play and bring another tennis ball and drop it at my feet. We play just a little.
10:00 am – Puppy check, all here. They are getting big and barking and scampering all over the place. Elaine’s up, she comes out to help clean up the yard for winter.
10:30 am – We take a walk with all the dogs through the woods. We stop at the second lake and plan a cabin.  While sitting, enjoying the weather, Annie finds something to roll in, you guessed it, “Poop” Just like Meg, ( she seemed to enjoy it, and this was her first roll. “Tonight you’re in the kennel”
11:30 am – I cut kenneling for the fireplace, and for every piece I cut, Annie takes one and runs off with it. I find kenneling all over the place.
12:30 pm – Lunchtime, feed the pups and then myself. Annie comes in and brings a piece of kenneling in with her, her contribution to the lunch. I don’t care for it, but she is pleased.
1:30 pm – I wash the 4 wheeler and all the dogs stand around it thinking we are going for a ride and a run.  Annie carries off the brush and rag, something else to find.. 
2:30 pm – Nap time, Molly and Clancy think so too. We watch some mundane TV, so we don’t miss anything good. Molly is in my lap and Clancy climbs in too. I will tell you, I had a lap full of dogs with both of them.
5:30 pm - Supper time, everyone out…
6:30 pm – Everyone back in, time to check emails, few request for pups are answered. It’s hard to write when you have two dogs lifting your elbows for attention on each side.  I stop trying to work and rub their heads. 
7:30 pm – Back to the kennel, everyone up, it’s dark and there is nothing but trouble out there. Clancy is always out and when Dutchess and Abbie are finished with their supper, there back in the house, it's their turn.
8:00 pm – Hot tub time, Elaine is busy so I’m solo in the tub, or so I thought. Dutchess is on the rail in a second, but she just wants to give me sugar.
8:30 pm – Go in with Dutchess.  She goes straight to the kitchen and starts to counter surf. She pulls a bowl of kibble on to the floor that was Annie's, no problem, she quickly cleans it up.
9:30 pm – Relax time, TV and lap time for the dogs. Abbie on my lap, Dutchess on the floor, good dogs…
10:00 pm - Go back to the kennel to count 1,2,3,4 and 5.  All here.  Lots of sad faces,  Open all doors, everyone in, but the pups.  Bath time for Annie.  She's all clean.  Back to the recliner.  Meg craws in my lap and Molly follows too, Annie got a rawhide on the floor. we all fall asleep.

Bed time and it was a great day to reflect on. Abbie jumps in bed and snuggles up close to me and puts her head on the pillow. Sweet Dreams…

Even as I write this, again so common, but always appreciated, Abbie puts her head in my lap and looks into my eyes and I see the contentment and peace.   There all the best.....Life is Good.........

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Josh Billings

The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made his greatest gift the commonest.
Martin Luther