Annie Is Here

Meet Annie

Annie "Belle" arrived Saturday morning with much fanfare.  She is a full-blooded Border Collie and has a Blue Merle coat.  She took right up to the dogs and everyone was OK with her and she seems to fit right in.  She is very sweet and she loves to give kisses and licks and is already laying in my lap.  We already love her so.

On another note, I had to cut the grass and the dogs wanted to play (imagine that).  They don't think you should ever do anything if you don't include them, well sometimes there wrong, or are they...

As you can see, I have a little trouble with everything, but with my handy "grabber" it seemed to work well and it kept the dogs happy until I could get finished... It's never dull....with the dogs...The things they get me to do........

Murray and Ranger, two of the dogs that were boarding here last week went home Friday.   They are from Meg and Clancy and are less than a year old.  They were such fun and loved to play and run and wrestle, especially between my legs when I would try to walk.  The loved the water and were wet most of the week.  The best part (not) was when they would get out of the water and run right up to me and shake all the water on me.  At least it kept me cool, if only I was hot at the time.

I got in the canoe to pick up balls and Frisbees that were on the lake and Ranger and Murray would swim to me every time I moved.  They would want in and I was a little unsure at first because they liked to wrestle and I thought they would turn us over and I didn't want to get wet.  Well, I gave in and when they reached the side of the canoe, I pulled them in.  Well, they were perfect, didn't move one bit.  They watched and rode in the front the whole time.  When I reached the bank, they jumped out.  They love to ride in the canoe and we went every day.  This is the only time they were on their best behavior.