Keely & Shep

As most of you know, we will board our own dogs when the owners go on holiday or trips.  This week we have Keely and Shep.  Both are wonderful dogs that have a lot of energy and hugs and kisses to give. They have become fast friends and do everything together, including getting into trouble. It started when I got the puppy tub out to wash it and put it away. Both dogs are very good swimmers and love to get into the lakes. Keely even on a night bathroom break jumped into the lake and got soaked.


She was so proud of herself and kept most of the water on her until she got back to us and then decided to shake it all off. But all in all it worked out. Back to the puppy tub. Shep was eager to help Elaine get the hose to the tub. Elaine could not move fast enough, so he helped.


After getting the tub filled he wanted to relax and take pride in his work. He then wanted to help with the buckets, which he did. He was so cute and I’m sure he felt good about it, I know we did.

Then they got into the Koi pond to cool off. Abbie will do this once in awhile, but they not only got cooled off they started jumping and chasing each other around, including through the lily pads. Not too much damage, but they were bad doggies!!!!

Well I’m sure you’ll never guess who broke their toe. That’s right, it was Dutchess. Just once, I would like to “not” have to write about Dutchess, but she is always the center of attention. She wiggles her way into everything. What makes it even worse, not only do I have to keep her pined up because of her toe, she in in heat.

I am going to do everything I can do to keep her separated this time, but as you know she is more determined than Clancy. Imagine that. I have double locks, an extra door and even play the radio so it will keep her mind on others things. This should last about two weeks, just pray I can do it. I also look forward to Meg and Molly going into season too. I will need a drink.

The rest of the pups went home this weekend.  It's always sad to go to the kennel expecting to hear and see them and then remembering they are gone.  Good luck little fellows, Dad misses you so much, Hopefully, I'll see you soon.......