City Girl Comes Home....

Well sort of..... Let me explain.  Maggie is one of Dutchess and Clancy's pups.  She comes for Holidays and visits when her human parents go on vacation.  We enjoy her so, and look forward to her visits and I think she does too.  She gets excited even before they get to the driveway says her human dad and can't wait for the car to stop.  She springs out the car door and runs to greet all the dogs and will lick and kiss everyone.  Then they start to pair off and pick sides.  She and Abbie take turns getting between my legs and growling at each other just to say "I'm here now, and you're not"  No harm is ever done, but it's fun to watch them growl for the spot.  It makes me feel good to know both of them want to be my BFF and they both are.

As you can see, Maggie is three years old.  She is a wonderful dog and is the perfect example of a Border Collie.  When she comes to visit, she stays in the house and sleeps with us and tells us when she needs to go "outside", What a dog.....

The Plan

Ball Catching
Eating Special Food (snacks)
Doing what she wants, when she wants
Get in Shape
Roll in the grass on her back

Did I say "Running"!!!!!!

The Problem

The Running

About 10 minutes after her owners left, I thought it would be a good idea to run off some energy, so off we went to the lake and hills to throw some ball and Frisbee.  It was a hot day and I wanted to only stay  10 minutes or so, because of the heat.  Maggie had a such a good time, she ran and ran and ran some more.  She would take every step Abbie took and then jump in the lake to cool off.   When we were done or should I say when I was done, to the house we went.  I did notice Maggie was limping just a little.  When we got to the back porch, I noticed that every step she took, she left a blood stain from each paw.  I set her down and looked at her feet and each of her paws were in bad shape.  She had tore the skin from her paw pads and it looked awful.  What to do, What to do.  I took her to the dog wash and cleaned her up, dried her off and had a good look.  I was shocked, She needed attention.  I knew the answer but called anyway.  "Vet's Office", yes this is Ken again, yes I know, but I just wanted to check, "Thanks".  There is nothing you can do.  I called Elaine and told her to pick up some "New Skin" both the spray for large areas and the "dab on" for smaller areas.  Her pads were not use to the farm life and all the running.

After we got it applied, we rested and let it dry.  It was a little better but you could tell she was sore.  The bad part, she could not walk much.  I had to carry her upstares and downstares and to go "outside".  I put on some protective booties and of cource, they were pink for girls.
Abbie squeezed through the fence above, while Maggie and I were sitting on the picnic table and she growed and curled her lip and Maggie did it back to her.  I had to rub both their heads to make them happy.  Abbie felt just a little left out because Maggie got to spend all the time in the house.
Molly came to comfort her and tell her "it will be alright".  She healed nicely and was much better in a day or two.  With a little tender love and care, she did fine.  The best part was when she was sitting in my lap and we shared some Fritos and cheese dip.  She missed out on running and playing, but we had her all to ourselves and we'll make it up to her next time.  Miss you baby, see you soon.