All is at Peace for Now...

Well it's that time of year now, The Fourth of July. While it is a great holiday, it does bring some duress to people who have dogs. Let me explain....

Sometimes dogs are afraid of fireworks. I only have one that is, and it's Dutchess.....We live in a very rural area, but there is a large private lake that has a firework show every 4th Of July. The bad thing, people around the lake also have their own firework show each night and this drives Dutchess crazy. This evening when the first big bang sounded, off she went under the porch to hide. I had been cutting wood and was hot and was cooling off on the back porch and saw her leave. I was getting ready to go in and take a shower so I called her and as fast as her legs would carry her, she scampered in the back door. Well, every other dog wanted to come in too, so, how do you refuse, so I reopened the door and said "come on in".  Elaine is in Louisville, so it’s not a problem. She sometimes gets a little nervous when they are all in and we play ball, and I can't understand why. We only knocked the piano over once, (not really).

After my shower, we all went in to settle down and watch a little TV and have a snack. The bad thing about this, they want a snack too, but the good thing they will line up and wait their turn. Of course, Dutchess is first then Abbie, then Meg, then Molly and finally Clancy. So I get one bite to their 5. Snacks don't go too far, but we all share, remember, Elaine is not home. After the snack, we settled in and watch some TV. Everyone picked their spot. Meg is first to jump in my lap and settle but when Abbie was getting what she thought was a ball; Meg sprang out, just to make sure she didn't miss out. Well it wasn't a ball or anything you could toss, so Abbie took her spot and just to make sure everyone knew she was there, she looked at each one and rolled her lip and made a grunt noise. She looked at Clancy and growled and he looked back and rolled his eyes as if saying "sure".

It's so funny; each dog is so different and has their own personalities. Dutchess will do everything with such force and gusto. I once saw her run into a man and knock him down because she was playing so hard. She will hardly ever rest and will move all the time, wanting to solve something.

Meg is the shy girl; she will look at you with her head hung and look up at you with just her eyes. When she climes in the chair, she will crawl every so slowly and will hardly ever put her head down and sleep, but she likes her head rubbed.

Abbie is a free spirit girl. She has no fear and will confront anyone or anything, even though she is the smallest and youngest. When she lies in my lap, she will totally relax and at times sleep on her back with her feet straight up in the air.

Molly is the lover. She usually wants to be by herself or just with me. She will spring in the recliner next to me and paw my arm until I rub her head. Every hour or so, she will walk from one recliner to the other and make a nest and then move back 10 minutes later.

Clancy is the calm one, he moves slow but proudly. He will let everyone do what they want until they get out of line and then, he will show them just what it means to be the alpha. It usually only takes a look from him and they will turn away.

So this is what we did until the fireworks were over and then it was outside to eat, which they all were ready to do. Everyone went right to their pen to eat and then I turned the radio on, just in case there were stray fireworks. They seem to like the oldies.

We will be adding a new girl in about 5 weeks or so. More later.....