Gone Fishin'

Well, if you have ever been to the farm and met the dogs, this won't be any surprise.  One of the dogs has discovered a new talent.  It has to do with, #1 water, #2 catching something, and #3 food.  As I said, this should be of no surprise.  It's the..... "Princess" or known to some as "I'll love you till I knock you down" but mostly known as the "The Party Girl" yes it's Dutchess.  She has discovered fishin'.

She will start out on the dock and give those ole' catfish the evil eye.  Then she will go to the bank and watch and plan her attack from there.  She will ponder the water conditions and watch the sky for just the right time.  When the time is right, she will slip into the water, without waders, (they seem to bog her down) and pounce on them ole' catfish.

She will stare at the fish for hours and watch their every move, just hoping for a chance to catch one.  She will chase them around the lake and move from one place to the other. 

"Dutchess, Dutchess" it's time to come in and dry off........"Oh crud, do I have to?"   Just don't stay too long...  As of this writing, she's still in the water.

We have a border staying with us this week, her name is Maxine.  She is the pup of Dutchess and Clancy and she is having a ball.  Her parents went on vacation and she will be with us for a week or so.  I love to see our dogs when they come back, they always know where their bed was and always go right to it.  She is a chip off the old block.  Here you see them in the water, but they're not Fishin', just playing............