We're still in Kansas Toto

This is what I saw when I went outside on the porch, the winds were blowing very hard and there was just something in the air, and it was NOT good. I had a feeling. I usually don't worry too much about storms, I kinda like them. I remember once when I was little, I was walking back home from the barbershop after a haircut and a big storm blew up. I was about 400 feet from the house and my dad was on the back porch watching me. I wasn't afraid and I wanted to be cool in front of dad, so I walked slowly. BAM.......CRASH, lighting struck a tree about 20 feet from me. All the Palm-Aid in the barbershop would not have kept my hair down. I looked up and dad was gone, back in the house. I ran as fast as my little feet would take me, back to the house. This was how I felt when I went out on the porch last week.

Wasn't too bad I thought, we have been having some bad weather in the country, but not too much in Indiana, yet. I got a call from Elaine, she was at choir practice and they were notified to take cover. Elaine chose to come home, it's about 8 miles and she knew she could make it in time, or so she thought. During the drive home, the funnel cloud passed over the car and she saw it, it had just not touched down....yet.

The only thing she said during the brief call was "I'm headed home, TAKE COVER...IT'S COMING YOUR WAY" she did say "I love you" but that's personal.

Do you know that feeling when you oversleep and you wake up and look at the clock? You know you have to be somewhere now!!!! And you know you’re going to be late? Well I had it. My mind was asking the question a thousand times a second. "What do I do first, What do I do First, What do I do first!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD.... OH GOD....OH GOD. Then it came to me....DOGS... PUPS...COVER. If you have ever watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure, there is a scene in the movie where a pet store is on fire and Pee Wee tries to get all the animals out of the burning building as fast as he can, well that was me.

I had Molly and the pups to take care of and the other dogs too. I flew (bad word during a tornado) to the dog shed and looked around for something to get all nine pups in because I had only one trip. Work mind, work...Think, what to do. IDEA........ Santa does it and he has a lot of packages in it, Hobo's do it and they carry their stuff in it, great...I grabbed a clean sheet that we use for bedding for the pups and unfolded it and started putting the pups in the middle. I then folded the ends together and threw it over my back (gently) and off we went to the house. I grabbed their basket as I went. Why didn't I think of that...duh. The only problem we had was all the other dogs thought my excitement was going to be a heightened game of Frisbee or ball. Apparently they have never seen the Wizard of OZ.

After some explaining, we finally got to the basement and all was well, but scary. Elaine arrived home safely, and all was good.

See the part where it says "Tornado on Ground!!!!