Why ?

Someone once ask me, "Why do you raise pups",  and I don't think I ever thought about it myself, but today I found the answer.   I was sitting with a family and their kids in the kennel and they were looking at the pups and trying to decide which one they liked the best.  Right now, the owners will travel great distances to see their future pup.  We encourage people to come before the pup is born, and after, just to see the pup and parents and can start bonding with them, even before the pup goes home.  We do enjoy this and the prospective dog parents seems to like it too, some even come every week.  We always end a visit with a hearty game of Frisbee and ball with our adult dogs. This is where our dogs really turn on and show off.

As I was sitting there watching today; the children playing with the pups, oohing and awing over each one. Well, one at a time, each family member including Mom and Dad had "the one" they wanted picked out, which of course were all different pups!   It came to me "This is Why We Have Puppy's"  I have seen this scenario hundreds of times, but today, I had my answer.

It caused me to think about how much joy and comfort a dog can bring to someone or a family.  I usually hear about the future home and the plans they have and even the toys they have bought.    It excites me to think that other people can enjoy and love a dog as much as I can.  I see the faces of the children and parents light up when they hold a pup and let it nuzzle around their neck and lick their nose.  Usually when they leave, the last thing they say is "I can't wait, we're SO excited" and they are on cloud nine as they pull out, heading for home. 

Many of our dog owners are previous Border Collie owners.  I enjoy hearing the stories about their  dog that has passed on and the stories often bring a tear to my eye.  Many will bring photo's  to show us of their beautiful dog, and they always are, just that, perfectly beautiful.  I remember one older gentleman who brought a colored crayola drawing that was done by his granddaughter of his dog.  I remember his feeble hand and the gleam in his eyes and the spark in his voice, but what I remember most was the tear that fell from the cheek of a proud man who loved his dog.    The drawing mentioned the dogs name and that she was in heaven, and I'm sure she is, waiting for her master.  I will never forget him.  His daughter sent me a video of him and the new puppy, he had purchased from us, together, riding in a golf cart on their farm, side by side.  Life is good......

I know that our little pups will have a good home and can just imagine all the fun they will have with their new family.  There will literally be thousands and thousands of tennis balls thrown and a million Frisbees tossed far into the air.  But what really excites me, is thinking of all the times our little pups will be on someones lap or snuggled up in bed with their new families, leaving wet kisses  all over  their new owners faces, just as they once did to us.

We raise dogs because "We want to share the love and joy of a good dog"  All dogs are good dogs, it's usually the owner that screws things up.  I have  kept in contact with many of my dog owners.  I love to hear stories and see pictures of their new life with their new family.  We even get Christmas cards with exciting stories about everything they have done and hope to do in the upcoming year.  Elaine and I  have gone to see some of our pups perform in activities, such as 4H and even  supported them  in ventures they have been involved in. 

A dog can change your life, it can help you understand yourself and help you to see things differently in a more  positive way.  I have many owners tell me their dog has changed their life in so many positive ways and  are the light of their life.  I had one family bring their son on Christmas Eve to pick out a dog which he didn't know a thing about.  He was around 13 years old and he was so excited he got teary eyed and needless to say we all did.  I have seen that boy grow to a man with his dog by his side.  They will board the dog with us when they go on vacation and it's always nice to see both of them and how they have changed.

The hard part for me is when the last one goes home leaving an empty kennel, void of little barks and yeps and them scampering up to the gate wanting out, just to play with my shoestrings. I look in and see the empty stall thinking of all the times I have been on my knees bending over in that same stall playing with them and letting them pull my hair or lick my face, oh, I do miss their puppy breath. They even seem to enjoy me singing to them, my favorite....The Theme from Babe, because the movie really is about Border Collies.  They will cock their head from side to side with a puzzled look and wonder where that sound is coming from, but I'm sure they enjoy it, I know I do.

You see, It might be your dog, but it will always be my pup, and to think we can be a small part of the overall picture, is a pretty neat thing.