Molly "2"

Molly "2", if you remember stayed with us last weekend while her parents went on a short vacation.  The last day she was here, was beautiful and sunny and little did I know she was so helpful around the house.  She really turned on, doing things that my dogs are not capable of,  She would...
Help with the yard Rake
Help with the Leaf Rake
Give out Sugar
Count the pups to make sure they are all here and keep them in a pile
Help with the Broom
Keep the cats in order.

She would even help with the gas blower and would bite on the end while it was running, blowing her hair back into a ponytail.  The only thing I would do different is when she was on top of the kitchen table, I would have put socks on her so she could wipe it off while she was there.  She really was a wonderful dog and we miss her so. 

Today and this week has been a bust for the dogs.  With the rain every day and all day long, they are ready to run for a while.  We try to keep them in just to play for a while, but they need some real running.  You can only throw the ball so many times from the recliner. 

When Dutchess and Abbie plays ball in the family room in the basement, they will drop the ball in the water while they get a drink, so no one gets it and to keep it close,  and don't tell me your dog has never done this.  I tried to prevent this but Dutchess "aka" party girl/problem solver has figured out how to raise the lid.   What to do........

It's really a treat when they bring it back to you dripping wet...........