The Amazing Roxy

Watch this Video.........

It was from her owner Jenny Roth.  She got a pup from us that was from Dutchess and Clancy  She and her husband picked her up on March 25th, just 8 days ago and the pup was 7 weeks old.

Jenny said in an email;

I just posted a video of her doing some of her new tricks which include sit, down, paw, come, sit pretty, roll over, and bang (play dead). She is very talented. I spend about 10-15 minutes with her a couple times a day before she eats and she picks up on everything right away! A little bit of kibble taken out of her food bowl is the same as treats to her.  I've been doing research and I really really suggest clicker training, she responds very well with that. If you do a search for border collie on YouTube you can see a bunch of cool tricks that they can do, it kinda inspires me. This is really my 1st time working with a puppy because all of my other dogs belonged to my mom growing up, but so far I think I am doing a good job :)

I was speechless, I called Elaine to to the computer just to make sure I wasn't loosing my mind.  It was a pleasure to watch Jenny & Roxy do the things they do, Jenny even had to hold the camera and if I'm not mistaken she has 3 kids.  Great Great Job.  I have always said just a few minutes a day and you can get the dog to do anything. 

The rain had stopped for a while and we are back in out routine of playing ball and Frisbee..... over and over and over again, but they need it.  I think I will start taking them out and play one on one.  That way they don't have to fight for the ball or Frisbee.  Every one is happy and they do sleep soooo good at night. 

Meg and Molly have been sticking to me like glue.  Both will walk next to me and jump up and put their two front paws on me and walk beside me on the hind feet.  I always stop and give them extra sugar when they do this...and they seem to enjoy it......

For the guys, it's OK to stop reading now, no-one will be offended.  I'm going to talk about my Granddaughter. 

Maddie "Bear" is 6 months old and growing like a "pretty" weed.  I do have several people ask about her, so that's why I do a small update.  I will tell you she is a special little girl.  When my boys were born years ago, I was told that both of them were girls by the Doctor, so I was all prepared for little girls, this was before they used ultra-sound as much as they do now, well guess what, they were boys, so I never had my girl until Maddie was born.

Brad, her Dad was giving a lecture at Disney World and they all got to go.
This is Maddie's Mom, Angie.  She is a wonderful and loving Mother.  When Brad, my son was finishing up his Ph.D in Florida, she got a job in Louisville and had to move, so she lived with us.  This was a very special time for us and we always loved her, but because she lived with us for a few months, we grew to know her even better and got to know her without Brad around, she is like our own.   I commend her Mother and Father for raising a beautiful person both inside and outside.  If I could pick anyone in the world, I would have picked Angie.  We love you and thank you for giving us Maddie...