Relief At Last

As mentioned in the last post, there was much anticipation on Meg's litter.  The days seemed to grow even longer as the week progressed.  On Tuesday night she started to get restless.  She would go from room to room and couch to couch looking for a place to nest.  She came to me wanting something, anything.  I let her out and watched her go under the porch.  I thought "No your not having the pups under the porch" and called her back in.  We went back to my favorite place "the recliner".  She ever so slowly climbed in my lap and flopped down. 

When she was making her nest, I would rub her head and stroke her face.  Meg was laying across my legs and I could feel the little pups moving.  I rubbed her side and could feel the ones on that side too.  I placed both hands on her belly and the little ones were moving like they were running a race.  It was so cool to feel them move, bob around and push their head up.  Meg seemed to be content for a while.

I took her temperature late that night and it was 99 degrees (normal is 101).  This means that birth is eminent in 24 hours.  Well 48 hours later, nothing.  I am getting a little concerned.  I kept her close and watched her every move. 

On Thursday I had to do a few things at church but cut my time there short and came home, little did I know 30 minutes later we would have pups.  Meg was beside herself, she had torn up her nesting box as if trying to rearrange it.  So off to the house we went.  She would still go from room to room and pace around.  She went in the walk-in closet and moved shoes and things on the floor and made a nest.  I knew this could "be it".  Just when I thought this was "it", she jumped up and went downstairs and jumped on the couch.  I made her a thick pallet, and rubbed her head to try to keep her quite.  She had turned around but still seemed to be content.  I was just sitting there and I felt my pants get warm, her water had broke.  I had plenty of Elaine's good towels so "no problem".  I knew time was short, but it was very short.  In just a moment, there was a pup next to my leg wiggling around.  Now Elaine usually takes cares of this but she was at work, so I was in charge.  I had called her earlier and she asked if I could handle this and I said "sure".  Well I'm not so sure now.  Here was the little pup still in the birth sack and it appeared to want out, well duh.  Meg looked at me as if to say well are you going to do what your supposed to do?  Elaine always does.  So I picked up the little pup and tore open the birth sack and it's first breath was taken in my hands.  Just then I thought of that very pup, living with a family that loved it, cared for it and all the running and scampering it would do.

Time to go back to the nesting box.  I did get it rearranged, so it was ready.  The rest was a piece of cake.  She had the other 4 pups in about 3 hours for a total of 5.  As for the question of the day, Clancy did climb the fence.

As disappointed as I was, I am grateful that Meg and the pups were fine and everyone is healthy.  It was a trying episode, but one that everyone in their life should experience.  In the end, it all worked out.  I will tell you, next time we decide to breed Meg, Clancy will get a vacation far from the farm.  I'm now off to wash Elaine's good towels and bedspread before she gets home.

Abbie is relieved to be back in the house as the "official" house dog.  She had to stay in the kennel and sleep in the common area with the "outside dogs", she was quite put out, but she is happy now.  Last night, she, Molly and Clancy were in for the night.  When I woke this morning, Abbie as she does so sweetly, after I started to wake, put her head on my neck ever so lightly and rested with me to the dawn of the day.  After I said "good girl" she knew that was her signal to attack me with licks and kisses.  What a world we live in.