Poor Poor Meg

Meggie,  our little Angel is so sweet and such a pleasure to be around.  She would not hurt a fly and wants to be near you, and will get right under your feet.  We are giving her some special attention because she is "with pups" and she seems to want to stay near us.  Two nights ago, we had planned to let her stay in and eat popcorn and watch TV with us along with Molly, it was her turn.  We let her out for one last bathroon break and after just a few minutes of running and playing with her BFF Abbie, it was time to come in.   She was just in the door, when I looked at Elaine and Elaine looked at me and we both said "did you do that"  No and then No, was our answer.  Then we looked at Meg.  And she said yes....  Somebody had rolled in POO.  To the city folks reading this, If you have never had a dog roll in poo, you've missed out.  It's something dogs will do sometime,  and who knows why. 

From the Experts.
Owners dislike it when their dog rolls in something smelly. Although dogs may sometimes roll in the grass because it feels good, rolling on the carcass of a dead animal, feces or something else smelly has instinctive roots, perhaps going back to wolves. There are several theories on why a dog will roll in something smelly. Although there is a temptation to scold your dog, it is best to realize it is natural behavior and make sure your pet doesn't have the opportunity to roll in smelly stuff.

Meg was so proud of herself and she walked around the house, just prancing around and strutting her stuff.  Well needless, she went out the door to her bed and in came Abbie to take her place.  Sorry Meg.  Elaine tried to wipe it off the next day with a wet rag.  We had somebody coming over to see her about a pup and she didn't want them to smell it.  When Elaine and Meg came into the room, I instantly knew what she tried to do.  In a very nice way I explained to Elaine, "You don't want to wipe that, it only makes it worse if you get it wet"  and it did.  Well Meg's off to her room again and a bath.  Poor Meg, she just wanted to smell good for us. 

This is Meg, if you notice she is smiling because she is happy.  Clancy and Shepp are keeping their distance.