Reflections and a few Wrap-Ups

This has been a very different week.  All the dogs are fine, I did see a drop of blood on the driveway and I'm sure someone has cut their pad, which happens more often than not, nothing major.  Pups might be on the way....More Later

As most of you know from a past post, we have a Hot-Tub.  I do enjoy it and will use it at least 4 or 5 times a week.  It's good for a number of ailments and also a good place to sit and talk with the little lady.  Today about 2 PM, I decided to sit and relax for a few minutes and chill out.  The dogs were sitting over on the side porch, so things were calm.  This has been a bad weather week, except today.  Most of the country had ice and snow and more ice and snow is due to come in this weekend.  It was a very sunny day today and while I was sitting, I noticed a Robin sitting in the crab-apple tree eating berry's.  It came to me, that as hard of a winter we have had, spring is just around the cornor.  I started thinking of things that I need to do as soon as the weather brakes and I'm excited.  I have planed my garden out and landscape projects are on paper.  It was just nice to see things in the sun again and see the robins...

My oldest son left for one of his Alma maters today, he will give a speech tonight and then fly over to London, England for a week of speeches there.  It just seems like yesterday we were playing Army in the sandbox in the backyard, I guess I now know why he was the General.  We both have traveled a lot of roads, some bumpy, some hilly and while his has been mostly straight, mine have been a little more bumpy and hilly.  God speed, Brad, your in my prayers.  Daddo

Dr. Michael B. Shuck

Brad and Maddie Grace

This is a bad time of year for the dogs.  They want to be outside soooo bad and then they want to come in.  Well when they run, they sling mud on each other and all over their legs.  Even if you wash them, they will be as muddy the next day, it's never ending.

I guess she was the 2nd dog on the team.
 To the relief of many people, I got a hair cut. I had let it grow for about 14 months. I went to bed and it was fine and when I got up, my first thought was, I'm going to the barber today, so it's all gone, just thought you might want to know.

Everyone said "you look so much better"  I didn't know I looked so bad.  Why didn't someone tell me........