It's Never Too Cold To Swim

It was just a few days ago that the lake thawed out.  With the few days of warmer weather, we now have water and not ice.  Well as usual, dogs being dogs, they wanted to play ball and Frisbee.  After just a few throws, in the water they went and they didn't seem to mind.
Well, It might be a little Cold
Everybody got in the picture and jumped in the water, not to cool down, but just because it was there.  Everyone had fun.
They seemed so quick to get in, I guess it's because they wanted to catch up on the "lake jumpin" they missed.

 I did not throw toward the water, they just did it on their own, and kept going back.  I will tell you when they shake, and it's next to you, it's cold.
This is Peyton, she is staying a few days with us

An update on the Dog Bath.  It works Great.  It is built very well and it is larger than I thought.  It is well worth the money.