Guess who is NOT coming in tonight...

From February 13, 2010
What to do with a dirty Border Collie.  Today it got above freezing for the first time in a long time.  I like it better when it is dry, or the ground is frozen, and I'm sure you know why.  The is nothing worse than a dirty dog.  With all the running they do, they kick up mud on themself and whoever is behind them, as they run.  Not only do they get muddy, they dig a rut in the dirt around the farm you could plant corn in. 

Meg is just as dirty, you just can't see it because of her color.  She and Abbie will run neck and neck and it looks like they are a chocolate blur.

Last week I cleaned out the utility room in the basement and because I have water and a drain there, it would be a good place to give them a bath.  If I only had an old bathtub to use.  When I worked at the Vet's office, the groomer had one, and it worked great.  Now I'm on a quest to find one, so Craig's list, here I come.  Well I did find one, but for $150.00, NO WAY.  I was thinking in the area of $20.00, and who would use an old bathtub that a stranger had their old smelly butt in, for their actual bathtub.  Well needless to say, that idea was out, and I remembered God created "GOOGLE" I use it for everything.  I just type in a question and "boom" here is the answer.  I even use it for a dictionary.  Just open a tab and spell the word.  I will try it and it will even suggest; DID you MEAN XXXXXX,  Well yea, that's what I meant. 

Back to the story, I typed in "Dog Bathtub"  They ranged from $149.00 to $2200.00 for the deluxe stainless steel one.  Of course, I clicked on the $149.99 one, and to my surprise it looked great, When you shop with Google, it will give you the same product and every Internet site that has it.  It went from $149.00 to $500.00 or so, same product, just differant businesses.  I ordered the $149.99 (you think) with free shipping and no tax, and beside, all the reviews were great from customers, how could I pass this up.

This should be a piece of cake and I'll let you know how it works.  I'm excited....