Guess What I Can Do

Shepherd James is a Dog, not a puppy anymore, he is a man dog.  He be "DA-MAN"...  My little boy has entered the responsibilities of being a dog father.  Light the candles and put on the soft music (really not needed) he made the plunge this week.  A little friend came to visit for a week to be his companion for fun, fellowship and ultimately a family.  Her name is Peyton.  She is a very beautiful young lady with the charms to stop a 1000 ships.  She took right to Shepp and to our home and became part of our family for a week.  She stayed in the house most of the time and slept in our bed.  She was a pleasure to be with.  As ours are, she loves to play fetch, and like Dutchess, will go and find a ball and drop it at my feet.

Good Luck Peyton, we miss you and will see you in about 63 days to see your new little family. 

Both Clancy and Shepp provided "service" this month.  Clancy was bred with a beautiful young lady from Kentucky.  Her name is Windy.  She was a little shy at first but soon became part of our family, laying in our lap as we watched TV and running with the pack.   Windy reminds me a great deal of our Molly.  She has the same temperament and both have curly hair, which is beautiful.  When Windy left, Elaine and I looked at each other and at the same time said 'Wonder what Windy is doing?"  We laughed and knew she was fine, also knowing we will see her again in about 63 days.  Good Luck Windy Girl, see you soon.....
Before I had dogs, I thought the breeding process was just a quick lustful thing that happened on the spur of the moment.  To my surprise, it is a very well planned and orchestrated process that can take up to 3 weeks.  They will court each other, clean each other's face, ears and even paw each other in a playful way and prance around.  It is always the female that will allow and initiate the act.  As I have said before, it is a wonderful world to be involved in. and it is much much more complicated than one might imagine.