What to do with . . .

Is a Border Collie bored in the Winter?  Well, here at the Shuck house we have invented some ingenious things that will take up their time and give them some entrainment and activity.  The most important thing and the one thing they seem to enjoy the most is to play a little Frisbee while they are watching "Reba."  Most people would think they would like to watch "The Animal Planet," but not these dogs.  They enjoy the comedies.

Meg and Dutchess like the Frisbee the best.  Several says ago, Dutchess started with a tennis ball and suddenly a Frisbee appeared in her mouth.  I was curious, so I went over to the counter and found where she had laid the tennis ball on the table and had gotten the Frisbee, which is her favorite toy, as we all know.  No matter if she is inside or outside, every jump is with a wiggle and a twist.

After a little Frisbee throwing, they even get into a little tugging just to see who can pull who, around the family room.  It's usually a toss-up.

Molly will enjoy a good catnap, she will put herself to bed, either up stairs or on one of the chairs, here you can see her with a gourmet assortment of chew toys.  Molly likes to think about which one she will gnaw on before she takes action.

Abbie is a tennis ball girl, and she will yelp and bark as she plays. If there is more that three dogs, she doesn't want to give it up, but just two, she will bring it back and put it in my hand.

One other chore Dutchess likes to do when she's in the house is to help with housework.  Here you can see her giving the dirty dishes a pre-washing before they start the cycle.  She is an excellent pre-washer

Here, Dutchess is trying to decide (as you can see she is in big thought) if she should help get rid of this pesky old candy that has been on the counter for a few days.  I made that decision for her.

All in all, they usually take care of themselves, we have never broken anything playing in the family room, not anything that Elaine has noticed anyway.  Usually, after some intense games and fun and maybe a snack or two, we will all settle down and finish watching "Reba," making sure we rest our eyes.  Ken