We have "Room at the Inn"

One thing we do here on the Farm, is "Board" dogs that are from one of our litters. If a pup was born here, it can board here, no-one else is eligible.

During the Holidays we have request from our owners to dog sit for them, while they are on Vacation. It is something we love to do for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we enjoy seeing the dog and spend some time with them again. Second, the owners feel comfortable keeping their dog here and not in a Kennel.

It's funny, when they get here, they will run to us and usually roll over to get their belly rubbed and lick our hand. Then they will always run to the kennel, because it was their first home and where they always felt safe. After checking everything out, then it's play time and of course, our dogs will accommodate them with that. Usually Molly will head out down the drive with everyone following. The visiting dog will always follow, generally at the back of the pack, but before they go home, they will have moved up in the order, not taking over the Alpha dog, but at least making their presents known.

We try not to spoil them, but we do, they usually have the run of the house and get to sleep with us and are always on their best behavior.   In the summer, they get to swim and run and play and fall asleep on the porch, relaxing in the sun.