Have you Ever.....

Had everything go wrong?  First for my avid readers, I want to apologise for the tardiness of this weeks activity.  It has been on my mind, but it is part of the problem.  Two weeks ago I got a nasty computer virus, not to the point I was shut down, just everything did not work right.

Let me start, after the virus was found in the computer the wireless router went out so both had to be replaced or fixed.  My computer is still in the shop and I am using one at our church just to catch up.  Just try to imagine no email, no news, no nothing.  I did not know how many times I went to the computer just to check on stuff, or to respond to an email.  The new router came in so I was going to use my laptop and when I hooked it up, there was so much snow on the satellite dish, I could not get a signal, so I just gave up.

I'm here to Party

Dutchess came into heat last week and we are not going to breed her.  We have taken extra precaution just to make sure this did not take place.  I went to town and put Dutchess up and locked her in the kennel.  Just to make sure, I put Clancy in the garage and pushed a new water heater that was still in the box in front of the dog door.  As I was pulling in the driveway, Clancy and Dutchess (Party Girl) were in the middle of the driveway running and playing.  Of course, Dutchess went back up and I had to explore how Clancy had gotten out.  To my surprise, he had pulled the cardboard off the water heater box and squeezed himself out the dog door.  He then went to the dog shed and found the only door that did not have a lock on the gate, went in, jumped over a gate in the shed and let not only Dutchess, but all the dogs out and went out and partied.  We'll just have to see if we have some pups.  I'll let you know.

The next thing, in my hast to check and move the Water Heater back, I removed my glasses and as "God is my Witness"  I said "don't put them there, you'll never find them".  Well that statement was so right.  I never have.  I have looked for five days, Everywhere.  I saw a commercial on TV from Sears "Two pair of glasses for only $99.00"  Great this will work out just fine.  Well, $249.99 plus tax, my glasses are on the way.  Funny, they don't tell you everything.

We got about 7 inches of snow on Monday.  Great, I can drive the 4 wheel drive truck to town.  I started out and was truckin along when steam started coming out from under the hood.  The temperature light was on and it was in the danger zone.  I was only 3/4 of a mile from the house so I thought it best turn around.  When I got home, I put some antifreeze in it and it came out the bottom so I knew there was a problem.  I took it off yesterday, and took it in this morning to get it repaired.  Well guess what, it's not repairable, so we have ordered a new one. 

A lot of people have ask about Maddie Bear, She is wonderful thanks.

I'm sure everything will work out fine, we'll have puppy's, the computer and router will be fixed and I will find my old glasses when I bring the news ones home, and the truck will work just fine....Oh well it can always be worse....and by the way, Meg is in Heat and Clancy is right by my side here at church, maybe he needs to talk to the Minister while he's here...........To make matters worse, Elaine is in Florida on a church trip, can someone tell me how to put on the new roll of TP.........