Snow Day = Play Day

December 4, 2010
We were only supposed to get about 1 1/2 inches, and I knew the dog were watching the weather and they would be disappointed.  Well,  the snow gods prevailed and voom ....  8 inches the next morning.  They just could not wait,  come on dad.... leeeeets go...Please...... Hurry.  So off we went.  It was a beautiful snow, just wet enough to stick to everything, so I grabbed my camera, not the Frisbee to much of their disappointment and off we went.  When we started walking, all the sad puppy dog faces soon disappeared, and fun was had by all.  They got to run, bark, run, play "catch me if you can" and did I say run?.  Abbie even jumped in the lake, she was so excited, she didn't care.  Clancy got enough herding to move hundreds of sheep for weeks.  Dutchess couldn't understand why I wouldn't throw my brimmed hat.  It certainly looked like a Frisbee.  Meg and Abbie would run like there was no tomorrow, and I'm sure to them, there was not.  Shepp is starting to come into his own.  He is quite a handsome little man, and I say, little man, because as he grows up, Clancy is starting to let him know where he fits into the pack, in a loving way, for now.  Molly was content walking with me as I snapped the shots and peacefully move through the forest.  When I would stop, she would sit next to me and reach up with her head and touch my hand wanting a pet, which she got...   Life is Grand

You sure that hat won't come off?
I'm prancing now
I know there here somewhere

Ain't I Cute

Clancy and Molly

Fear not kids, this is only the first of December, there will be many Snow days and Play days ahead.  Dad
She was the little girl of Dutchess and Clancy and was born during the summer. She was only 4 months old when she passed away. I know she went to a very loving home because I had met with, and talked to her parents many times before they took her home. I remember everyone was excited and when they pulled away, Ruby was looking out the window at us wagging her tail. I also remember how excited she was to go to her new house, little did I know that would be the last time I would see her.

I received a call the day before Thanksgiving about her, and how sick she was and everyone was crying, and I said a prayer for her, hoping she would be spared, but it was not to be. She passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  I would have loved to have been with her rubbing her little face and being with her as she passed, just to let her know she was loved and not alone. It does break my heart because her owners decided not to keep her updated on her vaccines and she died of Parvo and was isolated and alone.

Ruby's death has hit me pretty hard. She was the first Border Collie we have lost other than Midnight who was only two days old. She was a wonderful little girl who had lots of jumping and running yet to do. I will miss you, and I'm sure that your owners will too, but remember to wait for us at the Bridge.

I really do love them all so much and will always feel they will be part of us. When we do have one of our pups or adult dog come back to visit or board, they always go to the kennel, which was their first home, just like they always did. I have always hoped that when my time comes, God in his wisdom, knowing my heart would allow me to sit in a big field on a beautiful day just outside heaven.  All my dogs and all the pups that we have had would run to me from all directions, jumping on me and licking my face and we would roll on the ground and play, and then we would all go in together. This would be my heaven.  Ken