More Snow

Well it started snowing this afternoon about 1 pm.  The kids (dogs) needed some  exercise, so I thought I would take them for some fun in the snow again.  They wanted to go outside and play, but Abbie and Meg had torn paw pads from the last sub-zero weather and I have dog booties so they begged me to get them so they could go outside.  Well it’s like getting kids ready for school, they run to the door and then back to the bed to get their booties and then back to the door.  After much back and forth running and barking, I finally got them on.

Dutchess wanted to wear her new Camo jacket too.  She would not hold still to get it on, for fear someone would get to go outside before her, again after much back and forth, I finally got it on and off we went.
They ran and ran and kicked their heels up.  The best part was running and sliding on the frozen lake.  Even Molly got in on the action.  Clancy and Dutchess are the best at it and they can slide forever.  Shepp was a little scared, but what you expect from the kid, he’ll learn soon.

All I need is a Big Red "S" on my Chest
After much needed play, everyone, no, let me restate that, Dad was tired and cold and wanted to get back to the house and get my Almond Sunset, that I know was waiting for me.  The kids are still outside trying to get a cardboard box for the hills.  We’ll see…..