Lassie, Go Get Help, Timmy fell in the Well

Well, here I was,  going out to the shed to check on the tractor to make sure everything was OK, getting it ready to grade the roads because the snow was coming in.  The snow had just started, and there was about a quarter of an inch on the ground when I just rounded the corner going into the house.  As I hit the wood deck, my feet flew out from under me, going straight up, like a Fourth of July rocket.  Knowing I was going down, I started screaming like a girl.  No one was around to hear my girlish screams because Elaine was at church with the children's choir, so the only attention I drew, were from the dogs.  They were all out, just looking for something to do, and were raring to go and play. 

When I came to, Abbie was eagerly licking my face and was standing on my chest with one foot on each side of my neck.  She had licked the first layer of skin off and was starting to clean my tonsils and nose canals.  Shepp was pulling at my shoe trying to get it off, I'm sure he wanted to chew on something, and no one was saying "No," so it was fair game.  Dutchess was standing at my head with a Frisbee in her mouth, and her head cocked to one side, just not understanding any of this, as I usually will play with her.  Meg was spooning me, she is an excellent bed buddy, and she likes to sleep at my side, but I guess I'm lucky that Chancy didn't see me as a threat, as he would have marked his territory.  Molly was sitting by the door wanting me to hurry up and open the door for her, SHE wanted to go in the house, and she wanted to go in Now, after all, it was snowing, and she doesn't like to get wet.

After it was all said and done, I picked myself up, brushed off what little snow was still on me, rubbed the bump on my head, wiped off the dog spittle and put my shoe back on and went on as if nothing had happened.

I guess if there was any consolation, it's knowing that the dog didn't drag me to the well and throw me in....