Dutchess the "Party Girl"

Oh My God, where to start.  When I think of Dutchess, I think of pure action, pure play, pure wiggle and twist, pure joy and pure pain in the ass (at times).  Dutchess came to us when she was two years old.  We were selling a litter that was advertised in the paper.  A lady called and ask "Do you want a Border Collie?"  I thought she was confused and said I'm sorry were trying to sell puppies, not collect them, and she told me the story.  I talked to Elaine, and we wanted a little more info.  When It was all said and done, Dutchess came from the same breeder that Molly had come from.  In fact, they are half sisters and are only two weeks apart in age.  Same Father, different Mothers.  Knowing what a treasure Molly was, we took her. 

She has certainly taken to us as much as we have taken to her.  Her forte is "Frisbee," and she loves it and will play every minute of the day.  She also loves "Water," "Food" and any action in a big way,   She looks for the thing that can substitute for a Frisbee such as a plastic lid, my brimmed hat or anything round.  Dutchess loves food as much as she loves her Frisbee.

 She is a counter surfer and will walk herself up and down the counter looking for crumbs or anything that is even remotely eatable, the problem, she usually finds something.  She loves you with all her heart.   She does something I have never seen any other dog do.  She will run to you and start to jump, and in mid-air turn around and then back into you, pushing herself into you, still on her back legs and will lick your face by raising her head backward.  She is just pure love and loves to show it.  When I go for long walks with all the dogs, and they are all running in the woods, she will always come back just to check on me and get a hug.

She is a great Mother, but would rather be playing...  Dutchess is one of those dogs that has that "look," she can melt your heart or make a statement.  The one thing she does and does well is move.  She is always ready for action.  She is a problem solver and will stare at something and then make a plan and will usually carry it out.  She has even figured out how to open the back door and will come in the house when she wants....

Once during a planned "encounter" with Clancy, she had a Frisbee in her mouth the whole time.  I will say, Clancy was not as interested in playing after the fact as Dutchess was and in fact, he went to sleep...