Today they, the dogs were just on edge.  They have been "cooped" up for a day or two because of the rain, so they were raring to go all day.  I have them on a new food that has a lot of protein in it and it has really charged them up.  I have been taking them for long walks and they get to poo and pee all along the way.  It is a long road and there are other dogs that walk too.  They make a point to mark each and every spot that every dog from Moses to the present has marked, but they enjoy it and it really cleans them out.  So we went to the area of our property that has a lake and a big field.  One reason we went to the lake area is "Meg" and "Abbie the House Dog", on one of the walks rolled in some poo and got it around their neck.  With that being said, "Abbie the Official House Dog"  was not Official last night.  She stayed in her kennel run last night just to air out. 

So off we went to play.  It did serve two things, the first it wore them out, and then it washed them in the lake.  Abbie is so pleases because she gets to be Official tonight.  By the way, if your thinking it's too cold, they don't seem to mind and they will do it until the lake freezes over.  Meg and Abbie did jump off the dock (with just a little help) just to make sure they got a good cleaning.....

They do love the water and don't care how cold it is. 
If I only Had a Cup Holder