Life is Good....

Over the holidays we are boarding a dog from one of the last litters. His name is also "Shepp" He loves the water and has had great fun with it. He gets in the water bucket, toilet with both front paws, shower, when you're in it and bathtub. He loves water...  The great thing about us boarding our pups we have sold is you get to see them "all grown up" and see just how beautiful they really are.

Puppy Update

The pups have grown and are doing well.  I have had a lot if inquiries on them.  They are growling each day and barking and growling at each other.  They will run and bark and jump on each other like their tough stuff.

All Gone

Please Let This be Done

I took the Dogs walking on Friday Morning and the weather was Beautiful I enjoyed this time very much.  It's enjoyable to see the dogs run and just get close to God.  It is so nice just to spend some quite time reflecting on your life and being happy with how things have turned out....

Early Morning
7 AM, The sun is just starting to come up