"What a Night"

Here is was, let me set the stage.  I knew something wonderful was going to happen, the birds started singing, the bees started making more honey, dogs and cats were playing together.  There is even talk of Peace in the middle east and even the Democrats and Republicans were working together and the world was right.  God, then sent a little angle to us and her name is Madalyn Grace. 
My son Brad and his beautiful wife Angie had a bundle of Love and Joy.  As you know, I am pretty close to the chest about myself, but this is different.  I can't keep it and I hope you understand, and I'm sure some have experienced the same thing.  She is beautiful.  By my own admission, I am not a baby person.  I am just a little intimidated.  This has now changed.  I want to see her, hold her and can't wait to be with her.  I even day dream of things that we can do when she gets a little older.  Some of this comes from a time when both my boys were going to be born.  We were told that they were going to be little girls.  I was not disappointed, however, I have always had a soft spot for a daughter.  Well life goes on and we adapt.  God always has a way of making things work out, even when we don't understand, we just need to trust.  All things were made right and the circle was made complete.  Madalyn has completed my life.

To Brad and Angie,
Thank you Brad and Angie, you have taken on the most important job in the world.  It has it's disappointments and rewards, but in the end it will pay big dividends and the rewards will be great.  You get out of life what you put in.   Put God first and trust him.  He is always there, waiting to help, and comfort you.  Brad, my Father told me, when you were about to be born that I would now experience true love, I was a little unsure what he meant until you arrived.  How true....  Daddo