Just Stuff

It seems like time goes by so quick, I thought I had just done this and now I am late, sorry readers.  We had a wedding at the farm on Sunday and there was a lot of things to do and to get ready.

Two of the dogs have gone home and another will go home on Thursday.  Which will leave one that will come in the house and be the "House Dog" with Abbie.  Abbie will sit in my lap all the time for fear "somebody" will take her place.  Abbie will watch any other dog that's in, just to make sure that no-one gets too close that will take her place.   She really doesn't mind too much, but she does like her lap.  Sometimes if Meg or Molly is in my lap first, Abbie will jump up too, and then they get heavy.  They love to be there, and I kinda like it too.  The little one "Meggie" will be fun.

Things are going well here, Abbie has run so much, she has wore the skin off her pads and I keep her in more, and put "Bag Balm" on her little pads, she does well with it and does not lick it off.  For whatever reason, she has tender feet and, I use dog booties on her once in a while.  It's so cute and they really work.  I have pink ones for Molly.  If you think you might need them or want some, contact me, I have a link.  It's the same ones they use in Alaska on the dog runs.  They run a couple dollars a piece and they stay on pretty good.  In the photo, Molly has on the pink ones and Abbie has on the purple ones.  They really don't seem to mind and it helps a lot