Catching Up

This has been a good week, the dogs are fine and they are starting to put on their winter fur.  Clancy and Max stay out all day but also have a dog door to the garage that they can come in and sleep under a heat light with a blanket to keep them warm.  They also have an Igloo dog house on the back porch that they both get in when it's really cold.  It's such a sight when I go out and they both, at the same time, stick only their head out and look around.  I have just completed some much needed insulation on the kennel for the girls.  I have insulated the walls and ceiling and put drywall up.  This will make it much warmer and the appearance is very nice.  I wanted to wait until it got a little cooler before dealing with the fiberglass insulation.  I usually make things a little nicer than they need to be and that is no exception on the kennel.  They have automatic fans that come on when it is hot and heat in the winter.  The girls sleep on a combination of straw and ceder chips and are quite warm.  I am pleased.  All of the cats sleep with the dogs.  They will curl up and get as close as they can.

Meg and the Cats

Meggie, Meg's little Girl
Meggie, the last pup to go home gets special attention.  We bring her in to stay with us in the house. She is doing great and has had no accidents yet, but we watch her like a hawk.  We are crate training her and she goes in about 10:30 or 11:00 PM.  So far, she has no accidents in the crate and does not whine at all and will sleep all through the night.  I get her out about 7:30 AM and take her outside.  She loves to set in my lap and chew on a rawhide and watch TV with me and then we take a nap.  She really is doing good.   She will be going to Michigan this weekend and will be missed.