Life is Good

Well the week has calmed down a little and it's a little cooler today (about 72).  We got out and worked in the yard this morning and finished in about 2 hours without breaking a sweat, it was so nice.  The pups are coming around nice and will run and bark and growl at each other.  We will miss them so, but we know they have greats homes to go to.

This doesn't look like me !!!

This doesn't taste like Mom, but she has the equipment, so lets go

Do you mind? You have teats that you can go to...

Will you play with me??

Brave New World

Agility is over with Meg, she is a changed dog, her whole demeanor is different.  She is so attentive and lovable.  I would again, highly recommend doing an activity with your dog.  It is wonderful and you both will benefit.